Steamboat Springs Fishing

We have made Steamboat Springs our summer vacation spot for many summers. We haven't been able to go the last two years and were so excited when my Mom and Snork decided to renew their vows in Steamboat this summer. We tried to pack as much in as we could over the three days. Among the top priorities was fishing.
There is a great little pond for the kids to fish in near the hotel. We have had great success here in all the years before. However, this year I think we were a little late in the day to find hungry fish.
They waited.
And waited.
And goofed around. And tied up a bunch of line.
Daddy thought maybe the fish would like flies.
Mommy thought worms were the way to go.
Grammy decided it was time she took matters into her own hands and showed the girls what real fishing was all about. Karlie was more than happy to rip the worms in half for Grammy. Kaitlin on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the worms.
Finally with Grammy's help we caught a fish. A fish. As in one. Karlie thought she got to keep it for a pet and was very upset when we let it go.
But the bucket of slimy worms soon cheered her up.

I have so many pictures, I will have to do several post over the next few days!

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