First Day of School 2010

The big girls started school on Wed and Kaitlin had her first day today. They were all excited to go back but I was not ready. I got back from Paris about 12 hours before they had to be at school. I missed them SO much. We had an amazing summer and I am not ready for it to be over. Staying in our PJs all morning, lounging around, playing games, swimming, having movie nights, vacations, and playing with friends sounds way better than bedtimes, homework, and getting up at 6 am. I have got the back to school blues. At least the kids are handling it like an adult and looking at the positives.
Karlie started 1st grade. She will now go all day! I hope her teacher got well rested over the summer break. :0)
Hailey is a big 4th grader now! How can I have such a big kid anyway?
Kaitlin will go to Preschool 4 mornings a week! What will I do with myself with just one little monkey? I only cried a little bit today. I am pretty sure I will need some therapy when I send Hank off to school.
Karlie and her BFF. She was thrilled they were in the same class again!

Hailey and one of her buddies.
K buddies.

The knuckle heads. Look out school, here they come!


Anonymous said...

It hurts to see what I missed. What big kids. Can't wait to hug them.

Lacey said...

I am with you Katie. Not stoked about school, homework and getting up early. The summer went by WAY. TOO. FAST!! But I see you enjoyed the back to school shopping like I did. :) They look adorable!!