Food in France

Not having to plan or cook for a week was one of the best parts of this trip! Max and I rarely eat out and if we do, it is usually drive through fast food. Relaxing and enjoying meal after meal was a wonderful treat for us.
There were little stands near each of the tourist spots that had sandwiches and creps. We frequented these for lunch a few times. Some of the gardens had ponds with reclining chairs to take a little break and savor the moment.
I had to try the Louvre chocolate pyramid cake. We ate lunch at the Louvre and I had the fanciest ham and cheese sandwich with espresso and cake of course.
I am determined to make creps like these. They were unlike anything I have had. Delicious.
Fondue. The Melting Pot should visit Paris for some tips. Like serving you twice as much for the same price. :0)
Max enjoyed the maximator beer with it's 11.6% alcohol. Tasted pretty skunkie to me.
Crack an egg over it! Yep, that is a pizza with a fried egg in the middle. Max was in heaven.
In France cheese has a section of the food guide pyramid to itself, and it is the bottom tier. We had cheese for breakfast, cheese for lunch and cheese for dinner and often dessert. The doctor we were working with treated us to the most amazing cuisine every night. His expertise about the region the food was derived from and his advice was priceless. If Phillipe is a representation of the French, they are incredibly hospitable and kind.
A breakfast only the guys could stomach.
Thanks to Phillipe I tired raw oysters (again, a once in a lifetime experience) and nearly every part of the duck including its liver. Surprisingly was the many ways they use pork. One night there was a forearm and hoof deep fried, another was the entire cross section of a young pig's thigh and deep fried intestine. The sauteed epiploic fat was deemed "too special" for our first trip to France (not too bummed about that one). It is a wonder to me how the French stay so thin with the way they eat.

I will always remember eating in Paris. Phillipe and Stephan really expanded our pallet and showed us what food means to the French. Every evening was at least 3 hours of dining if not 5. By the end of the week I was having trouble keeping up with these two. We would finish eating near midnight and be up to go to work by 7. A little different than my normal 8:30 bedtime. What a wondrous time we had eating and drinking thanks to these two.


Lacey said...

Deep Fried Intestine?? ICK!! But the rest of the food looks delicious!! How do they stay so thin?!?! The crepe looked super yummy and so did all that cheese!! Isn't it so fun to experience a whole different culture?

Courtney said...

Don't know that I could be as adventurous as you with the food! But I'd definitely be eating my weight in cheese and croissants!