Tri For the Cure 2010

I talked my Mom and my sister Kerrie into doing the relay for the Tri for the Cure this year. It is such an empowering race to see breast cancer survivors and women of all ages and sizes getting out there in the name of finding a cure for breast cancer. Almost 3,000 women compete in this race, making it the largest sprint triathlon in the country. This year the race raised over $125,000 for breast cancer research and the money stays in Denver! I did the full race with Kerrie and her best friend Alexia 3 years ago and wanted my mom to experience it with me. Back in January it sounded like a great cause to motivate us to work out.
Fast forward to August and it wasn't seeming like such a great idea. The night before the race my mom offered to take us out to breakfast and shopping instead. I think both Kerrie and I considered it. We stuck to our guns anyway and got up at 4:30 to get down to the Cherry Creek Reservoir.
To get pumped up we colored each other's hair hot pink!

Being in the relay puts your start time at the very end. So we had time to chat and get really nervous. This was our final picture before we left to die start.
Yeah, this is going to be great. I can't wait to get into a 70 degree lake with a bunch of algae in it with other swimmers constantly splashing water into your mouth and bumping into you. Just great.

Why am I doing this again?
At this point I am thinking that offer to go out to breakfast and shopping is a fabulous idea! Can I change my mind still?
While I thought I was going to die for sure and contemplated waving down one of the kayak rescuers twice, somehow I made it and met Kerrie for the bike transition. She was all smiles as she took off for her 12 mile ride.
I just have to go on record and say I hate my sister. She came over to my house a handful of times during the early spring to ride the exercise bike. She never went past 6 miles during her "training" and hasn't worked out AT ALL in over 3 months. Nor has she ridden a real bike since the last triathlon we did 3 years ago. She is an incredible athlete. She jumped on the bike and did it with no problem and was still smiling when she got back. Jerk. :0)
Kerrie and Mom pass the chip for the run transition.
Go Mama!!!
Here she comes down the final stretch!
I am so proud of my mom! She has been training since January and while she thought about giving up before race day, she didn't and she finished the race!
Champions! I love you Bubbus and Mom. Thanks for the race of a lifetime!

Distance: Short
Clock Time: 02:25:39
Overall Place: 2501 / 2705
Division Place: 94 / 96
Swim: 00:17:45
Swimrank: 763
Trans1: 00:03:55
Bike: 00:46:04
Bikerank: 1741
Mph: 14.8
Trans2: 00:03:12
Runrank: 2695
Run: 01:14:41
Pace: 00:24:05


Amanda Douglass said...

Hi there,

Great pictures and blog! I am a Tri for the Cure staff member and wanted to let you know I enjoyed your post about the event. Thank you for your support and participation! If you are on facebook, please visit us and tag us in your pictures. You might also enjoy the great shots one of our kayakers captured - check out the page here:

Hope to see you again next year!
Amanda Douglass
Tri for the Cure

Lacey said...

I a so PROUD of you girls!! Especially your mom!! I would love it if my Mom would do a race with me. Great job and what a great memory. :)

Courtney said...

Way to go girls!!!!