We Tri the Creek Streak!

Yesterday Max and I did the Creek Streak Sprint Triathlon together! This is a much smaller event than the Tri for the Cure. This race raised money for Multiple Sclerosis and there were 5 para-athletes competing. I was completely humbled and inspired by them. One woman is training for the Ironman and did the entire Olympic distance - with her arms! She was without a doubt the best athlete there. You can read about it here as it was front page new in the Post this morning.
We went down as the sun was rising to figure out the swim course. This race had an Olympic and short distance triathlon, a duathlon and a 5K race. We had to figure out what course we were suppose to do. As they put the buoys out, I was sure they were for the Olympic distance. It looked so far. Then they put green ones out even further. Rats! With the terrors of the last swim fresh in my mind, I was really nervous.
Heading down to the swim.
The sun was blaring directly into our eyes making it hard to find the 3rd buoy we had to swim out to. The swim is much more of a mental feat than a physical one. As you are swimming in murky water that you cannot even see your hand in front of you, it easy to allow the panic to rise. I am out here in the middle of lake, where I can't touch and packed in a group of splashing people like a sardine. If I went under, no one would even see. These thoughts can really start to psyche you out. Other thoughts about all the algae infested water being splashed into your mouth start to sneak in as well. Then add flailing arms and legs randomly hitting your body and it becomes very hard to swim. There were many times I wanted to take off my cap and be rescued.
Max didn't know how difficult it was going to be, so I gave him a good luck kiss and told him not to drown because his kids need a daddy.
He made it! He has told me that if I told him he had to do it again this coming weekend, he would tell me no way. LOL
After swimming you have to run barefoot up a bunch of stairs to the transition area. Your body is screaming at you and your lungs are burning.
See that blue thing the in the lower right, that is where you get out of the water and have to run from.
After quickly getting socks, shoes, helmet and camelback, it is time to start the bike.
12 miles here we come!
I think the transition from bike to run is the worst. Your legs have been peddling for 40 minutes and then you tell them it is time to run. At first you feel like you are going to fall on your face. After a mile, they finally get the picture.
It was going to be a high of 96 on Saturday. While I know it wasn't there yet, it was really hot. I stopped at the water station on my way back to the finish and the volunteer asked me if I wanted water or Gatorade. I asked if he had a beer. He said he was all out. :0)
Max finished the race in 1 hour and 29 minutes! He placed 5th in his age group and 42/ 72 men competing!
I finished the race in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I placed 14th in my age group and 40/66 women racing. I am embarrassed to admit I got smoked by 2 women over 60 years old! WOW! There were some amazing athletes at this race. I didn't beat my time from 3 years ago (1:41) as I was hoping to. I guess I can live with a minute per year of age and a minute for having one more trainer kid. :0)

Hailey and Karlie would diligently ride their bike along me as I pushed Hank and Kaitlin in the stroller for our 3 mile runs. Toward the end of the summer the neighbor boy behind us found out that we were doing this and he started coming too. He was the water boy. I couldn't have done it without their willingness to ride and help me watch Hank while I did the exercise bike in the basement. They are the most supportive and loving triathlon trainers out there!
The best part of finishing the race is that I don't have to work out until 2011 when the pain has lessened with time and I get another wild hair to do it again!!!!!
I am so proud of Max. He kicked butt in his first tri! He is already talking about how to improve his time. Me, I am talking about not getting my heart rate over a hundred for 5 months!
We headed out to my Aunt's pool with the kids and family for the afternoon to relax after a hard day. I can't thank my sister Chrysti enough for getting up at 4:30 am to be our personal photographer for the race. It means so much to us to have so many nice pictures to document it. We love you!


Lacey said...

AWESOME!! Congrats! I am so proud of you guys. I think it is so neat that you guys did it together. What an accomplishment. You guys are such a cute couple!! I wish we lived closer so we could have a couple to kick our butts into gear. Hope you are both relaxing today!!

Courtney said...

OK, you had a SMILE on your face the whole time! You made it look easy! You both did great!!! I am jealous. Maybe you could convince me to do one with you...but you'd have to pull me behind you in the swim portion.;)