Big Boy Bed

For the first time in nearly a decade I do not have a crib set up in my house. :( We were so excited with Hailey's pregnancy that as soon as I got past 12 weeks, we put the crib and nursery together. So it was with sadness and joy that we took the crib down this week.
The girls never jumped out of the crib. Around the 8 month of pregnancy I would get too big to rock them and gently place them in the crib. It was at this time, a little before 2, that each of them had to learn to fall asleep by themselves. Then after the baby was born, we needed the crib so they would get their big girl bed. Since there was not another baby on the way, Hank has truly been babied and still gets rocked to sleep at nap and bedtime. However, he is no longer willing to stay in the crib.

At almost 3 Hailey was completely content sleeping in the crib and even after she was moved into her big girl bed she would call for me to come get her. Never would she dreamed of climbing out of the crib. Boys are different.
One night Hank decided this crib thing is for babies and he jumped out. And he jumped out again, and again, and again. I stood by his door and put him back in his crib for over and hour. I kept thinking of the Super Nanny as I tried not to ring his neck. :) It was time for me to stop rocking him and to get a big bed boy bed. Even if I was clinging to his babyhood with everything I had, he was ready.
Hank was thrilled with his new bed. He slept all night the first two nights and last night woke up crying but ended up getting back in his bed and going to sleep on his own. We are still working on teaching him to fall asleep on his own but we both need baby steps. One of us sits in the bean bag and hold his hand as he requests. He is a very loving little guy that thrives off physical contact. I can't complain. The first night took 40 minutes, the next 30, and last night was 20. If the Super Nanny method works, soon we will be tucking him and closing the door on babyhood. He is ready to be a big boy.
I think I need a puppy.


Courtney said...

We were just playing the super nanny thing too this week. Cate hadn't tried the getting out of bed thing until a year into her big girl bed. That is until vacation a couple of weeks ago! We've implemented a "responsibility" chart with reward stickers. One of her duties is staying in bed! We are two for two nights so far. Fingers crossed...

He looks mighty proud of himself in that new bed! Too cute!

Lacey said...

So funny....I just posted Had's big girl room before even seeing this blog post. Guess we were thinking alike today. He is so cute. It seems like a few weeks ago I was mourning the loss of a crib in the house. I was laughing out loud when I read, "I think I Need a Puppy!" Girl, you were meant to have a ton of babies. Maybe you need to adopt! :) But in the meantime, I feel your pain as I have a baby who is really not a baby anymore also. With each kid they just seem to get more independent earlier and earlier. They want to be so big like their older siblings. He looks so ready for his big boy bed- I love that sweet, huge grin!!

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