Farewell Summer

Labor Day weekend marks the official end of summer here. We had two 94 degree days before fall showed up on Monday and dropped to 75 degrees. We soaked up the last of the sun in the hot tub (which has become the mini swimming pool) and the slip n slide.

We feasted on one of our most favorite summer meals: Max's special ribs, sweet corn and the kids' favorite pasta- oh and chocolate milk of course.
Finger lickin good!
Even Daisy got to enjoy the last taste of summer. :0)
We rang in fall with a wine and cheese party. We had a blind taste test of 7 bottles priced from $3.99 to $23.00 and tried to rank them. Apparently our trip to Paris didn't refine our pallets much. The cheaper bottles were by far the favorites. The food was unspeakably good and the good times even better. The kids got to have a sleep over too! Nothing like a 3 day weekend.
Fall does bring a few favorite things... FOOTBALL! Max and I went to Colorado's deep seeded rival between CSU and CU. We went to CSU for undergrad and CU for medical and nursing school. People often ask where our allegiance lie. We are CSU RAM fans all the way! Unfortunately it was a total blow out in 95 degree blazing sun and we were sitting in the CU alum section. We left early and grabbed a drink to dull the pain.
Max partook in our long time friend Brad's (also a CSU alum) fantasy football draft. These two have been doing the Labor Day weekend draft for 9 years. Hopefully Max's team will do better than the Rams (and his last 8 years in fantasy) this season.
Another Labor Day tradition is planting trees. Our local tree farm has a buy one get one sale that we try to take advantage of each Labor Day. A new development has many advantages however trees are not one of them. Here is the before.

After the two of us hauling four 50 gallon trees all over the yard, digging holes big enough for each of them and getting them in their holes, we were wiped out. Max told me this was the end of this tradition. I am sure he will forgive me by next Labor Day when he sees the bounty of all his hard work.

We packed as much sun and fun as we could into our final weekend of summer. We will miss our fun and carefree days but are looking forward to the festivities, food and football that fall brings!


Lacey said...

I love the planting trees tradition!!! Did you plant them behind your house also? Is that what the last picture shows? I bet with trees that big it IS a lot of work. But you will love the privacy and beauty it gives you. I always love all your traditions and bet in a year, Max will come around and still keep it. :)

And I love the cheese and wine party taste testing too. What a fun idea. :)

Glad you had a great Labor day!!

And thanks for your call and email today!! Meant more than you know!!

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