Super Nana

This the advent calendar Nana made so the kids could visualize when I would be coming home. Each space had a rice crispy treat.
There is only one way to describe Jeannette (Max's mom). SUPER NANA. She agreed to come out and watch the kids for us while we were in Paris. Without her, I would not have been able to go. I was very nervous about leaving her alone with four kids (I only broke out in hives a couple times). I know when Max is gone on a business trip for a week I am near my wits end. How was Jeanette going to survive? She is an empty nester. She is use to quiet and calm evenings, not use to changing poopy butts about 10 times a day nor being woke up at the crack of dawn by a hungry baby. No time to sip your coffee here.

I had friends and family all set up as back-ups in case she just couldn't hang the whole time. I had my mom ready to come relieve her every afternoon. I had friends to call and take some of the kids to lessen her burden. I imagined her going three days with no shower and having to order pizza every night due to the constant chaos. Boy was I wrong.
We all know Jeanette cooks but I thought maybe a dose of 4 kids would dampen it just a bit.
Oh, no. There was cooking every day and I am not talking Kraft Macaroni and Cheese cooking.The kind of cooking kids love and moms hate... Messy times 3!
The kids had so much fun cooking with her!
I thought I was eating well in Paris.
She even invited the neighbor kids to cook too.
I was mostly worried about my little man. He is one of the biggest Mama's boys out there. Jeanette rolled up her sleeves and became Mom #2.
He was treated like royalty. Here he is King Henry the 4th. If he wanted to be held, he was held. If he wanted chocolate milk, he got chocolate milk. In fact Nana did not have one discipline issue with him. How is that I have about 20 time outs a day and she had none all week?
One day a friend of mine took the girls for a play date. Did Super Nana use it as a time to relax with just one kid? Nope, she was off to Hank's favorite train. This sealed the deal in Hank's book. Nana will forever have her name engraved in his heart. Every time we go near the train he says "Nana fun train!"
There were gymnastics lessons, school time, legos and trains.
To help the little girls fall asleep and not miss us so much, she let them fall asleep in our bed and then carried them to their beds each night. Awwww.

She even had the neighborhood kids over - a lot!
Once it was 5 extra kids. No sweat for Super Nana.
She held a tea party while Pops was out for the weekend. Did I mention cooking? They had homemade biscuits and whipped cream!
She hosted a grandparents dinner with a French theme and even sent inviations. They had homemade crepes with chicken and asparagus, crepes with fruit and whipped cream and chocolate truffles. All made with the kids. Amazing!
As though she hadn't out done herself already, we came home to find a diorama of Paris. Nana read the entire book of Madeline to them too. They really learned a lot about the landmarks of Paris. When we were showing the slide show of our trip to the kids Hank screamed, "I-Fell-Tower!" when the pictures of the Eiffel tower came up. I am not sure how many American two year olds know the Eiffel tower when they see it. It was kick to hear the kids naming the places before we even had a chance to.
Super Nana was truly amazing and we are eternally grateful for the fabulous job she did. Every day she sent us texts and e-mails keeping us in touch with the kids. One day Phillipe saw the emails and asked me in an accusatory tone if, "You make her do this?" I explained that she was just super woman and did this all on her own. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see them all thriving while we were gone. I think they handled it better than I did thanks to Nana.

It was so wonderful for the kids to get to develop such a strong bond with Nana. I would hedge that she is happy about their closer relationship too. But she kinda messed up. Now that we know how super she is, we will all be wanting her back for more! :0)


Courtney said...

Why is it that they can really seriously do it all?! Does that mean our generation invented the "time out"? LOL! I too have big shoes to fill between Cate and Bodi's grandmas!
I am sure you felt so much better getting the updates and seeing how much they were having! Start planning your next trip! :)

Lacey said...

Wow. She really is super Nanny. Is she willing to adopt another family?? I love it when grandparents really take to enjoying their grandkids. Looks like your kids may have been a tad bit sad when you came home. J.k. But really, what grandma does all that??? Super Nana Indeed!!! Makes the parents rest easier when the kids are in such good hands.

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