Yesterday Hailey and I went to see Cavalia, an amazing show that combines equestrian arts with beautiful visual effects, live music, incredible dancing, and acrobatics. It is like Cirque du Soleil with horses. While the tickets are very expensive I would gladly go again. If it comes near you, this is a must see show.
It is unlike anything I have ever seen. The beauty of the scenes they create, the powerful music and the performance of the artist with the horses is mesmerizing. At one point fall leaves fall in the audience, which Hailey caught one. It even rains on the set that creates a pool of water that the horse comes to drink from. Later it in the show it snows. The horse trainers are able to get the horses to high step, do choreographed runs and turns without being seen or with just a hand gesture. The music creates a mood to match the scenery.

Hailey's favorite performance was the trapeze. She kept saying, "Mom! I just have to try that!" Great. Goodbye are our dreams of her being a doctor or a teacher or a veterinarian. I think now that she knows that people get paid to dance with horses, we may lose her to Cavalia.
The show is so visually dramatic that you feel like you are in a dream. So many quintessential dreams are realized in front of you. White horses, with beautiful princesses in flowing, silky dresses and long wavy hair doing unbelievable acrobatics while riding. A herd of 8 white stallions under the command of a beautiful lady with just the motion of her hand. You just don't want it to end. Hailey thoroughly enjoyed it so much that she cried when we got home because she just didn't want it to be all over. Like her, I didn't want our special day to be over. It will be a memory I carry with me forever.


Courtney said...

That sounds amazing! What a special treat for you and your big girl. :)Is she still taking riding lessons?

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