Fabulous Fall

I was trying to hold onto summer as long as possible and this year Mother Nature was on my side. We have had the most beautiful Indian Summer. Fall has come upon us gently, giving us glorious days in the 70's with warm sun. Many days the kids have warn shorts and flip flops. I am thankful that it was not like last year where we had a 17 degree freeze in early October causing our pipes to freeze and our basement to flood.
The freeze last year killed the leaves and left us with a muted fall coloring. This year it is as though the leaves have been twice a brilliant.
We went for a nature walk and collected many beautiful leaves and soaked in the warmth of fall.

We've Been Boo-ed and Spooked! The kids in our neighborhood Boo each other where they leave an anonymous goodie bag of Halloween treats with a note to post on your door and instruction to Boo to fellow neighbors or friends. This is one of those sweet things where it better to give than receive. The girls were more fired up to deliver their Boo gifts than they were about their gifts. They had so much fun leaving the treats, ringing the door bell and running as fast as they could to the car.

We took a trip with friends to the Berry Patch Farm to pick berries and shop their organic produce.
Since Hank out grew his Strawberry allergy, he could eat as many as he wanted this year. :0)
If there is a tractor in eye sight, Hank will find it and "want to ride on it!"

We are enjoying Spooktacular Snacks.
Festive Fall Pies.
I know old man winter is around the corner. Hopefully he will be as kind as Fall has been.


Courtney said...

yum, that pie looks so good! I've been enjoying a great fall too, although I think I've heard the Old Man's knock...

Anonymous said...

I feel the love.... Thanks for wishing me and mom happy Birthday!!! JK!!!!

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