Moab- The 1st 24 hours

We made a mad dash to Moab to meet Max's parents and sister Anna for the weekend. We tried to pack as much fun in as we possibly could in a little over 48 hours. Max's family spent almost as much time driving (30 hours) as they did playing with us in Moab. Thank you for a wonderful weekend!
Moab or bust! The kids did great on our 6 hour drive. I see many road trip vacations in our future.

The skeletons come out to tackle Pops and Nana!
This was the backyard of the house we stayed at. The kids had to immediately climb the rocks much to Nana's dismay.
The beauty of Moab was endless.
We drove to a spot along the Colorado River to play and soak up the views.
Kids and water. What more do you need?

The kids (Pops included) loved playing in the super fine mud.
Of course it progressed to mud every where. Look at Pop's shorts and Karlie's arm.
Max decided to cool off with a swim. It was very cold.
The little people liked the idea of taking their clothes off. I didn't want muddy kids in the car. Win, win situation.
We celebrated Anna's birthday with a king crab leg dinner and chocolate cake! I think I am still full from all that dinner. :0)

Braids were the in look.
Porcupine Rim Trail 2 - Max and Monty 0
These two (and Sam) tried to ride the trail a decade ago and were snowed out. They vowed to conquer it this time. They did successfully conquer the trail, however, I think it had the last say.
More adventures tomorrow.


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