Moab- The last 24 hours

Sunday morning we took a drive through Arches National Park. The weather could not have been nicer. We learned October is Moab's busiest time of year and validated that at the park. At the Delicate Arch, it appeared as ants were marching.
The kids had a blast playing on the rocks and in the dirt.
The adults were captivated by the scenery. I have turned into my parents. I so vividly remember them encouraging me as a child to take in the beauty. As they exclaimed with excitement of the golden aspen or the purple mountains, I would roll my eyes and think, "big deal." Now I am the one urging the kids to appreciate the beauty around them and they just want to know when we are having lunch.

The colors in Moab are exquisite. I can finally appreciate what my parents were seeing.
Kaitlin and Hank enjoyed the red dirt on their own terms.

Biker dudes and chicks!

Max and Pops did Porcupine Ridge our first day, but I forgot to show these scary pics.
The trail is right along a cliff but what an amazing view.
So, I am hoping since they both survived and completed the course that they won't have to do it again next time. :0)
On Sunday the boys took Hailey and I to Slickrock, "perhaps the most popular mountain bike trail in the world!" I can tell you I didn't see many 9 year old girls out there. But I did see my little lady doing stuff grown men couldn't do. She was an absolute natural. She has never been mountain bike riding and took to it like a fish to water. She even had two really nasty falls, but after getting the needed hugs and kisses she hopped on her bike and said, "Let's do this!"
This ride was one of those rare times I have experienced the panicked feeling that you have asked your kid to do more than they should. However, your sheer confidence in them is making them bullet proof. If Hailey could have seen the fear welling up in me as I watched her attempt some steep descents, I don't know that she would have been able to conquer them. Max and my confidence in her worked like Dumbo's feather. There were a few times that I only attempted it because I had just watched my precious daughter complete it and she was calling to me that I could do it. This parenting stuff is a real mind blower. Hailey did the ride with Aunt Anna's shoes (4 sizes bigger) because she only packed flip flops and with the seat of her shorts completely torn open from a fall. She did the entire practice loop and was complemented as having the best wipe-out a fellow lady biker had ever seen. What a gal!
Max made it clear that Santa screwed up and bought her a tank of a bike and that he was going to have to take her out and get her a real bike. Way to throw Santa under the bus.
There was lots of snuggles and loves.
A little man to man around the grill.
A star lit stroll.
Some tired campers. All four of them were out for two hours of the drive home. Karlie was so crashed out that her head is hanging below the bottom of the picture.

The only problem with this trip was that it was too short. We can't wait for a 2011 trip.


Lacey said...

Looks like an amazing trip!!! What great memories you make with your kids!!

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