A Red Ribbon Week to Remember

The girls' school is celebrating Red Ribbon Week and today a US Army Black Hawk helicopter landed on their playground! Talk about making an entrance! I have to admit it was one of the coolest things I have seen. It is not everyday you see a Black Hawk, much less land at your kid's school about 30 yards in front of you!
You could feel the excitement building in the kids as the time grew near for it to land. The thrill as you could hear the drumming growing louder. My heart began to beat faster and faster.
As the Black Hawk landed a surge of patriotism coursed through my veins. I am so proud to be an American. The kids and parents were going wild as it touched down!
A Drug Enforcement Administration agent jumped out of the chopper and told students how Red Ribbon Week began. I am embarrassed to acknowledge that I had never heard the story. I was responsible for Red Ribbon Week for my junior and senior year as part of the leadership team and I don't recall ever knowing how it was created. We were more wrapped up in spreading the DARE to not do drugs than knowing it's history. Hearing about agent Kiki, gave it much more relevance.

Enrique Camarena, Kiki, immigrated to American when he was 9 years old with the dream to go to school. After initially helping his family farm, he got to go to school. He then joined the US Marines after finishing high school. This led to a position in the police department and he eventually became a Narcotics Investigator. Kiki went on to become a DEA special agent in Mexico where he infiltrated the drug cartel there. Before he was able to expose the drug pipeline, he was tortured and killed. After his death, red ribbons were worn to pledge to live drug free lives in the name of Kiki. This movement grew until it reached Nancy Reagan. In 1988 President Reagan and the first lady officially started Red Ribbon Week.
RJ was beyond thrilled with the policemen, firefighters, army men and the chopper.
Hailey thought it was pretty impressive as well.
Hank was quivering with excitement and kept saying, "I want to ride on it!" When he told the pilot that, he said, "Join the armed forces when you grow-up!" It was an honor to shake the hand of man who had served several tours overseas and sacrificed so much for our country and my freedoms.
Getting ready to take off.
The power and noise were remarkable.
It was an impressive morning that left me feeling proud of our country and energized about its future. We are made up of great men, women, and children, with a foundation of God as our leader and freedom and opportunity as our backbone. I think Americans across the country are awakening to see it is time to not let those principles slip out of sight.
There are too many reasons to not fight for who we are and what we stand for.


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