Today's Treasure ~ Field Trip at Costco

Most of the time shopping with Hank is not the best of times. He is such a guy and already hates shopping. He quickly becomes bored and refuses to sit in the seat. I will turn to look at something and he is standing in the cart just looking to crack his head open. Then if he is unable to get out of the restraints he becomes an ugly two year old and takes of his shoes and throws them or tries to reach out and pull all the stuff off the shelf or sometimes clocks Kaitlin in the head or pulls her hair. He is usually such a sweet guy, but shopping brings out the worst in him, as it does most men.

Somehow Costco has solved this two year old's grudge against shopping. Maybe it is the tire store out front that disarms him. He always gets so excited by all the tool noises coming from the garage. Could it be the large loaders he sees carrying things, or is it the giant warehouse that makes him feel like he is in a garage instead of a store. Whatever the case boys and men and of all ages seem to consider Costco shopping ok.

A shopping trip at Costco has become one of our favorite "free" things to do when the big girls are at school. Kaitlin, Hank, and I have developed a fun "field trip" when we go that leaves the kids hungry to come back for more. First of all, I love their carts. It has a spot for each of them and they are up higher than regular carts so they feel more a part of the action as we discuss various new items and search for items on our list and samples. They like to shop through the toy section while I like to shop the whole store. Their job is to see who can spot the sample or the next item on the list. I spy with rewards.

We carefully plan our outing for the peak sample time. We have found at our Costco, this is close to noon or dinner time. When all the dollar signs are aligned just right, you can get a free lunch out of all the samples! However, I have to bring a handful of good snacks for Hank since many of Costco's will contain eggs or peanuts. Hank and Kaitlin love to scream out, "Sample!" I am sure the fellow shoppers thoroughly enjoy this as I do. We perform a treasure hunt style shop as we follow the samples toward the items on our list. As I drag them through the entire giant warehouse, they are happy as can be searching for the next glorious sample!

First we swung by and grabbed a little tortellini, then we cruised by and sampled some cheese. Down the next isle we hit the Angus burger that Hank loved so much we had to embarrassingly make a second pass. Just as I could tell an, "I'm thirsty," was about to potentially destroy our mission, we spotted the Vitamin Water sample! After a little pit stop to clean-up faces and hands, we headed down toward the bakery and Mommy got a little coffee from the single serve coffee maker on display. Oh! They had a sample of danishes too. They were so tasty, I almost fell prey to the ploy to get me to buy one. But I stuck to the list. As we continue to gather paper towels, toilet paper, and laundry detergent, Kaitlin spied the gold fish samples. Around the corner they had cliff bar fruit twists. Don't forget the chocolate covered pomegranates right as you enter the line to check out. Then if by any chance you are still hungry, the cheapest lunch in town is the hot dog with a soda or Hi-C for $1.50! I would like to say this is a "free" field trip, but then I checked my receipt as we left. Not so much, but how easy they make it for you spend a hundred bucks. I really hope Target never adopts this strategy or we may go bankrupt. :0)


Courtney said...

I HAVE those chocolate covered pomegranates! One of those pregnancy things.
My free lunch usually turns into $100+ meal. Aren't they sneaky. ;)

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