Thanksgiving 2010

I guess the doc felt this bird need gloves.
This Thanksgiving gave rise to the first annual MKHKKH Turkey Smack down! I was in charge of cooking a traditional turkey while Max got to experiment with a Cajun injected roasted turkey. He used this recipe and then roasted it on the grill for 3 hours.
While mine won for presentation, his won hands down for flavor. It was delicious! My sister Kerrie has to be one of the pickiest eaters in the world and she said it was the best turkey she had ever eaten. Even the kids were choosing it over the regular turkey. So Max won the first round but just wait until next year!
The adult place settings.
The kids helped make their place settings.
Thankful for so many wonderful people in our lives.
Post dinner climb on the jungle gym, aka Pops.
It was so special to celebrate with family from both sides. We are blessed in countless ways and thankful for each one of them.

Black Friday

Yesterday my mom, sister and I braved the crowds and the cold to be at Target when it opened. Yes, we were there at 4 a.m. As my alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. I asked myself what I was doing but then I reminded myself that I got up at this same time to do a triathlon where I would be plunging myself into an algae infested lake with hundreds of other women splashing me and kicking me. Now shopping is worth getting up for, triathlons I am not so sure. After my mental pep talk I stumbled down to start the coffee and then went to put my contacts in. My eyes pleaded with me to let them go back to bed and not stick the contacts in. After a short battle, my eyes saw the light and knew soon they would be feasting upon the glories of the big red bulls eye! I got dressed and grabbed my coffee and headed out to the car.

It was 20 degrees when I got in the car. Again I started the mental banter about how stupid this all was. But then the seat warmers kicked in and I was able to refocus myself on the mission ahead. I was shocked with how many other wack jobs were out at 3:45 a.m. There was actually traffic! You could feel the urgency in each driver. As I pulled up to a light next to a minivan, I glanced over to see my competition. The woman looked over and we gave each other a sheepish grin. We gave a knowing look. A look of two women on a mission to score as many toys for Christmas as she could for her kids. It was moment of sisterhood. The light turned green and we each gunned it. Sisterhood or not, I was getting to Target first. I turned on the Christmas music and sang along with, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Oh yeah, I was getting my game face on now.

The line at Target showed me there really are people crazier than me. It extended past 4 other store fronts to the intersection to the shopping complex. I had no plans of waiting in the cold for that half price scooter. Just as I drove by the door, the clock hit 4 and the mad rush ensued. It was like on TV, people who had not waited in the line for hours were rushing the door, people who had waited were screaming at people to get in the back, there was pushing and yelling. The security guards came running to intervene before it got nasty. I parked and met up with my mom and sister and we calmly merged with the line. This is how the pros do it. There were no carts left so we split up to cover as much territory as possible.

I have found it is actually better to have one person man the cart and send out others to seek and destroy. You can get in between people and carts easily, grab what you need and drop it back off at the cart. We were grabbing scooters and leapster games and all the things Santa will need on his sleigh. It was glorious! As our cart filled to capacity we saw the line to check out mirrored the line to get in.

Hours of waiting were ahead of us. So I held the cart and our place in line while they continued to conquer the door busters. After not moving much in 20 minutes, my mom went to investigate the check out scene. As she did I had a lovely conversation with a man in front of me that had no front teeth. We exchanged war stories. He had got to Target at 2:45 a.m. in hopes of scoring the TV. By the time he made it through the door, his toes were numb and he ran in and made a wrong turn to the electronics, when really the TVs were back in the home section. (I guess he lost his teeth in a different battle.) He was a bit defeated but still managed to find some great deals.

My mom came back and took command of the cart as she informed me that over in grocery, you can practically walk right up and check out. We were out in 15 minutes with our loot. It was time to huddle and plan our next attack. We had great fun scoring deals and watching the other crazed shoppers out there. After a strenuous morning of shopping we went out to breakfast to recap on our morning's victories! Gotta love Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love MKHKKH


I can't express how thankful I am. There are not words to describe how happy and grateful I am to be the mom of these Indians and Pilgrims. They are the sun in my little world. I couldn't have written a fairy tale better than what they are. This moment in time is so special and wonderful, I wish I could hit the pause button. We give thanks to God for all his blessings, especially these four.

Kid Doesn't Have a Chance

Poor guy is a life size doll for his sisters to play with and dress up. This was one of the more mild outfits Kaitlin has picked out. I wonder how much longer he will play along. LOL

Hailey's Thankful

Hailey's writing assignment today was to write about what you are thankful for. I always get a giggle out of the way their minds think. Looks like she has the brown nosing down. :0)
There is just so much to be thankful for! Below I will name a few of them. I am thankful for my caring family. I am thankful for them because my mom and dad take care of me and feed me. My sisters play with me and love me. My little brother comforts me and gives me a positive attitude. I am thankful for food that fills my belly. I am thankful for food and water because without it I wouldn't be able to live. I am thankful for a house that shelters me and gives me a bed to sleep in and a place to live. I am thankful for school and education and all the learning that I get from my wonderful 4th grade teacher! There is so much more to be thankful for, so many I can't list them all!

Piano Recital 2010

The girls' piano recital was on Saturday. They both did a great job. Karlie was a little nervous and started out of the gate a little too fast but soon got back on track. I am so proud of her getting up in front of close to 300 people to perform.
We could hardly see her behind the grand piano.
Here she is playing Can-Can after the recital where we could actually see her.

Hailey had a very difficult piece this year and was originally going to do a duet with my mom, but they are both beginners and were having a hard time keeping pace with each other. Her instructor did the duet with her instead. When I hear her play, I can't believe that is my kid! She must have inherited the music gene from Nana.
We also recorded her doing her piece of Hall of the Mountain King after the recital.

My mom has always wanted to learn play the piano and started lessons with the girls' teacher. I am so proud of her for taking on the challenge to learn something new. She is learning so fast and becoming rather good. She has inspired me to hop on the piano bandwagon one day too!
The girls with Ms. Janice. She is truly an amazing teacher. Karlie is reading music after just a few months and Hailey has progressed immensely in one year. Ms. Janice has a wonderful gift for teaching and we are so grateful the kids have the opportunity to learn from her.

The Good Doctor

This is a conversation I over heard Karlie and Hailey having after I told them I had to reschedule their flu shots for the next Saturday.

Karlie: "Why can't we just go tomorrow?"

Me: "Because it is Sunday and the doctor's office is closed."

Karlie talking to Hailey: "Oh, the doctors need to go to church too."

Hailey: "Not all doctors go to church."

Karlie: "Yes they do! Otherwise they would give you a hundred shots with bad stuff in them."

Hailey:"Doctors give you shots with good stuff in them so you won't get sick."

Karlie: "If they go to church."

Wild Slumber Party Cake

I was asked to make a cake for Sarah, who is a little Diva. She is as girly and glamorous as they come so I wanted to incorporate that into the cake. For her 8th birthday she is having a slumber party.
Sarah's mom liked the idea of having slumbering girls on the cake. I made 8 girls and put two 8s on the side of her name. I glued a mini boa to the cake board for the little Diva and made the top her favorite color, hot pink! :0)
I had so much fun with this cake. I really liked the zebra cake and plan to do another one soon. I had wanted to do a zebra cake for my sister Kerrie's 30th birthday but I had the worst cake day of my career. The cake was so awful tasting that the kids spit it out. I must have done my math incorrect when increasing the batch size and put in too much chocolate. It was so bitter it tasted burnt! Then I could not get the fondant to set either. Each time I tried to roll it out, it pulled back into a ball. After a double disaster, I had to tell her I failed and couldn't make the cake. I am really happy this cake turned out, I am not sure a little girl would have been as understanding as Kerrie was.

Football Cake

I made this cake last week for a boy turning 10 years old. He loves football.
I put his number and team name on the ball and covered the cake board with fondant to make it look like the field. Lucky for me he was turning 10.
I used the Wilton football cake pan and made two cakes. I put a ton of buttercream icing in the middle and around the cake and then covered it in fondant. The black is powdered sugar, water and black food coloring that was then painted onto the football.

I was told the boys ate every last piece, including the fondant field. Boys are so easy to please. I am doing his sister's cake this week. I hope she is half as happy as he was.

The Case of the Lost Tooth

Karlie lost her first tooth! Then she really lost her tooth, which lead to a series of unfortunate events.
A bit of a shark tooth.
Grampy came over and just had to get that tooth out when he saw how loose it was.

With a little string, out it came!
Karlie was so proud. We put the tooth in a Ziploc bag and she proudly displayed it for all who would look. She examined it from every angle. She could hardly wait for bedtime. I warned her to put it up on the counter to keep it safe but she would not let go of it. When the neighbor girl came over Karlie excitedly showed off her tooth and that was the last we saw of it. Somewhere outside or in the house is the lost tooth.

We went on a wild hunt. Searching frantically. Max and I were trying to get ready to go to an Avalanche game, so it was extra frantic. Hailey searched high and low. She even looked up in the very top cupboard. Max and I had often wondered when we moved where the Tooth Fairy's store of lost teeth had ended up. Before we moved they were under our mattress, nice and safe where no little children could find them. After the move, I must have wanted to put them somewhere "safe" while we got everything unpacked. However, I had forgotten that safe place until last night when Hailey came to me and said, "Mom, I didn't find Karlie's tooth, but I did find 10 teeth in bags, and I have lost ten teeth." Oops. So at Easter she found out that I was the Easter Bunny and last night she found out that I was the Tooth Fairy as well. But do you know what her response was after each confession? "I know you are not Santa. I just know he is real." The lost tooth lead to the loss of a little more of the magic. :(

Hailey is such an amazing girl. She immediately understood the situation and without any prompting or discussion about keeping the secret, she ran down to Karlie and told her she need to write a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened and to not worry because the Tooth Fairy gets a little notice every time a tooth falls out. The note was so cute. The babysitter helped her tuck it safely under her pillow and low and behold in the morning the Tooth Fairy had come and taken the note but left some gold dollars and 50 cent pieces. Hailey gave me a sweet smile as Karlie showed her the treasure.

I am just hoping the Tooth Fairy finds the missing tooth before anyone else does.

Welcome to Denver

Today is one of those glorious Denver days. Yes, it is November 6th and my kids are in tank tops and barefoot. It reached the high of 78 degrees today! What a perfect day! Maybe this global warming thing is going to work out for me. LOL

Gonna Get His Payback

Listening to this song hit a chord with me so deeply. After we had the three girls Max felt our family was complete. There are some dads who are "boy type" dads and others who's daughters rule their world. Max fell into the later category. He has always been smitten with the girls since he first laid eyes on them. They have had him wrapped around their little fingers. Max didn't think he needed a son. He felt complete. I on the other hand could have kept having babies until my uterus fell out. I remember when I was trying to talk him into going for round four and hearing another song called "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins and being so sad that Max would never have that father-son relationship. I told Max before we got married that we would have babies until I had a girl. Thankfully, the Lord blessed us with that 3 times! I knew how special it was to have a mini me and I longed for him to be able to experience the same thing.

I remember when the doctor got the shot of little man and we both knew. I was disappointed with Max's reaction. Where was the jumping up and down? Where was the fist pump? He was quiet and reserved (what's new). When we left the office I asked him why he wasn't very excited that he was having a son? He said he wasn't quite sure what to think about a boy because all he knew were girls and he wasn't so sure how accurate the ultrasound was. As the scans were repeated and it became ever so clear that Hank was indeed a boy Max began to realize he was going to have a son. But I don't think he really knew what it would be like.

After trips to the ER for stitches, Hank taking off his diaper and going outside to pee on the grass, him turning everything (glow sticks, pointer fingers, spoons) into guns, making noises like "ptew, ptewww," the light saber sound, and breathing like Darth Vader, wanting gel in his hair so he can be just like daddy, and being Max's shadow from the time he gets home, I think it is safe to say, Max is going to get his payback. :)

Halloween Party 2010

On Saturday we had our annual Halloween party. This was our biggest yet with 30 adults and 25 kids!
There were lots of treats. My sister Mel's good friend Jaclyn, the owner of Lemon Sprinkle Events, made a beautiful dessert table for us!
We went as the Wizard of Oz this year. Kaitlin wanted to be Dorothy and Karlie wanted to be a witch this year so I asked Hailey what she was thinking about being and she said a princess. When I suggested Glenda the Good Witch, she was very excited. That left Hank. I wanted him to be something warm since it usually freezing. I found a great lion costume on craigslist. Max and I had to pick what was left and I drew the short straw for the tin man. On any other Halloween my costume would have been awesome! But it was one of those 70 degree days in Denver. Add a little sun to my silver insulation suit and I was boiling. The costume didn't last long.
A little too good if you ask me. :0)
Mom and Snork.
Scott, Chrysti and Max and Titus.
Colin, Mel, and Corrin.
Kerrie, Rayah and R.J.
Matt, Whitney, Mindy, Olivia and Tessa.
Bill, Patti, Lucy, Marley, and Riley. Riley won the best costume award!
Anne and Rob.
Dog the bounty hunter was about to take the Scarecrow in.
The kids had some good clean fun with bobbing for apples.

Karlie always has to take it up a notch. "I was just washing my face, Mom."
The gross feeling body parts was a crowd pleaser.

Pumpkin Golf. No one lost their head.

The favorite game was wrap the mummy. We went through 16 rolls of toilet paper.
Then it turned into a TP fight.
This year I think the kids actually got our moneys worth out of their costumes. They wore them 4 times and by the end of Halloween only Hank's was still intact. This was a wicked fun weekend.