The Case of the Lost Tooth

Karlie lost her first tooth! Then she really lost her tooth, which lead to a series of unfortunate events.
A bit of a shark tooth.
Grampy came over and just had to get that tooth out when he saw how loose it was.

With a little string, out it came!
Karlie was so proud. We put the tooth in a Ziploc bag and she proudly displayed it for all who would look. She examined it from every angle. She could hardly wait for bedtime. I warned her to put it up on the counter to keep it safe but she would not let go of it. When the neighbor girl came over Karlie excitedly showed off her tooth and that was the last we saw of it. Somewhere outside or in the house is the lost tooth.

We went on a wild hunt. Searching frantically. Max and I were trying to get ready to go to an Avalanche game, so it was extra frantic. Hailey searched high and low. She even looked up in the very top cupboard. Max and I had often wondered when we moved where the Tooth Fairy's store of lost teeth had ended up. Before we moved they were under our mattress, nice and safe where no little children could find them. After the move, I must have wanted to put them somewhere "safe" while we got everything unpacked. However, I had forgotten that safe place until last night when Hailey came to me and said, "Mom, I didn't find Karlie's tooth, but I did find 10 teeth in bags, and I have lost ten teeth." Oops. So at Easter she found out that I was the Easter Bunny and last night she found out that I was the Tooth Fairy as well. But do you know what her response was after each confession? "I know you are not Santa. I just know he is real." The lost tooth lead to the loss of a little more of the magic. :(

Hailey is such an amazing girl. She immediately understood the situation and without any prompting or discussion about keeping the secret, she ran down to Karlie and told her she need to write a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened and to not worry because the Tooth Fairy gets a little notice every time a tooth falls out. The note was so cute. The babysitter helped her tuck it safely under her pillow and low and behold in the morning the Tooth Fairy had come and taken the note but left some gold dollars and 50 cent pieces. Hailey gave me a sweet smile as Karlie showed her the treasure.

I am just hoping the Tooth Fairy finds the missing tooth before anyone else does.


Lacey said...

She is so cute!! Love her new little smile!! Gavin lost his first tooth, thankfully the tooth fairy did find it. :)

Sean Butcher said...

Your daughter's so cute with that smile! I can tell that she's a happy person because even without her tooth, she can still smile and laugh out loud. My daughter Hailey recently went to her dentists (Myrtle Beach-based) and have her first dental appointment. At first, she's scared of the tools that they used there, but later on, she enjoyed every second spent there. And with that, she can also smile confidently like your daughter does!

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