Halloween Party 2010

On Saturday we had our annual Halloween party. This was our biggest yet with 30 adults and 25 kids!
There were lots of treats. My sister Mel's good friend Jaclyn, the owner of Lemon Sprinkle Events, made a beautiful dessert table for us!
We went as the Wizard of Oz this year. Kaitlin wanted to be Dorothy and Karlie wanted to be a witch this year so I asked Hailey what she was thinking about being and she said a princess. When I suggested Glenda the Good Witch, she was very excited. That left Hank. I wanted him to be something warm since it usually freezing. I found a great lion costume on craigslist. Max and I had to pick what was left and I drew the short straw for the tin man. On any other Halloween my costume would have been awesome! But it was one of those 70 degree days in Denver. Add a little sun to my silver insulation suit and I was boiling. The costume didn't last long.
A little too good if you ask me. :0)
Mom and Snork.
Scott, Chrysti and Max and Titus.
Colin, Mel, and Corrin.
Kerrie, Rayah and R.J.
Matt, Whitney, Mindy, Olivia and Tessa.
Bill, Patti, Lucy, Marley, and Riley. Riley won the best costume award!
Anne and Rob.
Dog the bounty hunter was about to take the Scarecrow in.
The kids had some good clean fun with bobbing for apples.

Karlie always has to take it up a notch. "I was just washing my face, Mom."
The gross feeling body parts was a crowd pleaser.

Pumpkin Golf. No one lost their head.

The favorite game was wrap the mummy. We went through 16 rolls of toilet paper.
Then it turned into a TP fight.
This year I think the kids actually got our moneys worth out of their costumes. They wore them 4 times and by the end of Halloween only Hank's was still intact. This was a wicked fun weekend.


Courtney said...

You are a trooper, dressing up. I have yet to dress up for Halloween since WE were Charlie's Angels! How long has that been?!
Looks like you had a blast, and perfect weather for partying outside.

PS Karlie cracks me up!

Lacey said...

Love it!!! You always throw the best parties. And make the best cakes. I am seeing a business in your future. Seriously, you could make a living doing this. Love that picture of Karlie with the water coming off her. Looks like a great party- as usual. :)

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