Christmas Tree to Wreath in a Day!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we went up to the mountains for our traditional tree cutting. The weather was gorgeous and Max found a really nice spot for us to hang out and enjoy our hot chocolate while taking in the mountain air.
Originally we used the tree we cut down as our Christmas tree, but then one New Years Eve Max wanted to see how quickly it would light on fire (aka have an excuse to play with fire) and threw a match on it while it was on the snow covered deck. The rate at which it became engulfed in flames made us think twice about having a real tree while the kids are so young. I gave in and we bought a fake tree. I didn't want to stop our family tradition, so we decided to make a wreath out of the tree instead. Unfortunately last year the wreath part never quite came to fruition. It just sat on our side yard. I was determined to make it happen this year!

I have my very own Brawny man!
Can't go to the mountains and not do a little rock climbing. Hank brought his "shooter" just in case Darth Vader and his "bad guys" were hiding in the forest.
The girls collected pine cones for our wreath.
Hot chocolate and marshmallows are a key ingredient for a successful jaunt in the woods.

A stop to give Smokey the Bear a hug.
As if the felt advent calendar project wasn't enough, I made them help me accomplish the wreath too. I am sure they won't be wanting to come back to Colorado anytime soon!

I am very happy with how it turned out. Again, this project would have never happened without all the helping hands.
The only problem is that it makes my other fake wreath look lame. Guess we will have to get a bigger tree next year and make two! Can I sign you Californians up now?


Heather said...

Now that is a wreath!

Courtney said...


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