I Need a Weekend to Recover From the Weekend

I have a problem over scheduling myself. It has been a life long problem and doesn't look to be resolving any time soon. In fact, having four kids has seem to exacerbate it. Starting last Thursday through Sunday we were scheduled for most of our waking hours. There are so many parties and festive things to do this time of year and well, I just can't say no.

Thursday evening after inhaling a quick dinner we went to Karlie's first grade Winter Wonderland. We were looking forward to the kids singing Christmas songs and celebrating. Their school is very academic focused and all parties must include an educational aspect. So they sang ONE song and then had learning stations to do with the parents. All I have to say is BAH HUMBUG!
Immediately after the Winter not-so-wonderful Wonderland, Max and I went to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. Dave is one of our favorite performers and we were disappointed we wouldn't be able to see him when he came in August. Didn't he know we were in Paris? Geez. :) So when he added a special concert with Tim Reynolds I had to go. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Just Dave and Tim jammed on their acoustic guitars. The amount of talent was indescribable. I was over the moon when they played our song, You and Me!

To get a sample of the incredible talent of Tim Reynolds play the video below. There are no other performers, just him and his guitar. We couldn't believe the range of music he created. At times it sounded as though he played a banjo, violin, and harmonica. The start is a little slow, but if you watch the entire thing you will become a fan. Dave and Tim are nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for this song.
It was a terrific night although waking up the next morning with just 5 hours of sleep was painful.

After the normal daily grind of school I went to lead Karlie's Girl Scout Daisy troop. Read between the lines, cookies in February! We did fun crafts and ate cute treats.

As soon as that was over we raced home to eat some dinner and get dressed for the Nutcracker. Our close friends' children were in the city performance. It was the most delightful Nutcracker I have seen. I dropped Hank of with Max at work and took the three girls. It was a prelude to our show the following day.
On Saturday we went to the Denver Performing Arts' Christmas Carol. Originally Kaitlin was going to go with us, but after a two and a half hour Nutcracker, she opted to hang at home with Daddy and Hank. Don't you just love a kid who knows their limitations. Luckily for us Grampy was willing to accompany us for the show.
It was fun to get all dressed up and be entertained. It really put us in the Christmas spirit!
We drove straight from the Christmas Carol to my nephew Max's birthday party and celebrated his 8th birthday. As soon as his party ended we were off to some friends who's daughter was having a birthday/slumber party. We unloaded Karlie and Hailey there and rushed to the mall. I was in the middle of making a cake for a party on Sunday and really needed a snowflake cutter.

Sunday we picked up the girls and finished the cake. The girls went to the third birthday party in less than 24 hours. While they partied I went to the store and Max picked up the house. Just as we finished the dinner dishes, I thought our insane weekend was done. Nope.
Karlie's tooth needed to come out. Daddy and Hank inspected it and tied some floss to it.
Out it popped. So the tooth fairy made an uneventful appearance unlike her first go around. Good thing she plans far in advance. I wonder if she ever gets over scheduled?


Lacey said...

What a BUSY weekend. Fun but busy, and had to laugh on 5 hours of sleep....that is a good night of sleep for me lately. :)

Great memories you made. I love this time of year, but hate that it goes by so quickly.

Merry Almost Christmas!

p.s. LOVE the cake too as always!!

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