Jewel Reward System

These little gems have transformed the way chores get done around our house. I was growing tired of being the nagging mom constantly reminding the girls to get dressed, brush their hair and teeth, pack their backpacks and make their beds. I felt like a broken record and was getting frustrated at the same morning drill and with the girls not taking any responsibility for themselves.
I decided to try this jewel reward system. Each girl has a jar with their name on it and a designated jewel color. They earn one jewel for getting completely ready in the morning without me having to remind or nag them. They also earn one for doing their homework and practicing piano without me asking them. Dinner dishes, setting the table, taking out the trash, cleaning up toys or any other regular chore can also earn them a jewel. They can earn extra jewels by doing chores without being asked or helping each other. For example one night Hailey started helping Karlie with her homework and she earned a jewel. Kaitlin's favorite way to score an extra jewel is to make Hank's bed in the morning. She is my most eager jewel earner and was the first one to fill up her jar with jewels!

Jewels are taken away for back talking, fighting with each other, or not doing something when it is asked of them. This has been very effective. If only Hank cared about these little jewels! :)

The best part of the jewel reward system is that you don't have to keep up with allowance every week. I am horrible at keeping track of who earned what and what is a fair amount and actually having cash on hand. With this system, when they fill their jar up, they get to choose their reward. It can be money, a special treat out, or a toy. I figure for 2 months (an counting for the bigger girls) a $25 reward is a pretty good deal for both of us.

The jewels give them instant reward and the thought of the big reward at the end keeps them eager to do their chores, be helpful to each other, and not get out of line for fear of losing their jewel.
Kaitlin chose to go to Build-a-Bear and have lunch at McDonalds. She just kept saying, "Thank you mom!"
I kept thanking her for all her hard work and being so responsible. Win-win! On the way home she was already scheming on how she could earn some more jewels.
Hank handled the situation pretty well. They did have a Star Wars Bear that he was mighty fond of, but he will have to wait until he earns it. Maybe this can bribe him to potty train! Hmmm. Jewels for pee in the potty? I might have to give that a go.


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