Pottery Barn Kids Style Advent Calendar

I really wanted this Pottery Barn Kids Advent Calendar. I would look at it on line and think how cute it was and imagine how much fun it would be to have to count down to Christmas. I would add it to my cart. I would wait for free shipping and almost hit the check out button. But there was one thing stopping me. It is $70! I mean, $70 bucks for a bunch of felt cuteness? I just couldn't swallow that, especially since I knew if I put some time into, I could make one myself.

Well, let me correct that and say, I knew the two craft queens coming to visit me could help me make it. Pottery Barn might have Chinese children for labor, but I have free in-law labor!

Plus ours turned out WAY cuter thanks to Anna's artistic abilities.
The pockets are the perfect size for stuffing four little treats in.
Jeanette even cut out MKHKKH for the stocking! Can't get that at Pottery Barn. :0)

A train for Hank.
After the three of us worked on this for many hours, I have decided unless you have free labor at your disposal, it is a major steal at $70! Adding up the cost of the materials and our time, I think Pops calculated it at about 35 cents an hour we each would make. And that would not be any profit for Pottery Barn!
It started with a pattern on the back of wrapping paper and construction paper squares.
While Anna created our images, Jeanette and I cut out the replicas on felt and assembled them.
After arranging all the pockets the way we liked, Jeannette and Anna sewed them onto the tree.

Then we glued the animals and symbols onto the pockets. Max and I cut out a cardboard backing and used self stick Velcro to hold the tree on it and give it structural support. Lastly, the star and trunk were added. With it hung on the wall, a little elf dropped treats into the pockets.

I could have never accomplished this project alone. Thank you Anna and Jeanette for making my Pottery Barn Advent Calendar wish come true! I would have never asked you to help me if I had know just how much work it was. I am sure they will be contacting you shortly for a job-be sure to ask for a raise!


Anonymous said...

A true labor of love. Gram/Gigi

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