I took the four monkeys bowling yesterday and struck out.
Hailey racked up 3 spares!
Karlie racked up a spare and a strike!
The granny bowl worked well for Karlie.
Even little Kaitlin racked up a strike. Her ball would ever so slowly creep down the lane and knock down most of the pins.
This was my bowling partner. Half the time he was running out to the oiled lane and I would have to chuck the ball to grab him. If he wasn't trying to roll himself down the lane, he was pressing the reset button. Once he hit it right after I let the ball rip and the gate came down just in time to create a huge smack! That got the managers attention. Great. Thankfully it didn't break the gate, just turned mama red for a few rounds. After that display, the group next to me asked me if they were all mine. Love that.
I would like to blame my embarrassing loss on Hank, but he only bowled a few pins with me. Kaitlin got the first strike but Karlie made her last one. Mom forgot on the last round if you get a spare then you get another turn. So Karlie's score should be at least 10 points higher. Yes, I can bowl a 96 with the bumpers up and my young children can all do better. Strike!


Courtney said...

I'm horrible at bowling! I'll have to try it with bumpers next time. I love that last shot of you grabbing Hank-CLASSIC mom-in-action shot! LOL! What a fun mom you are!

Lacey said...

LOL. Glad to know there is someone else who bowls as well as I do. :) What a fun time!! I love the picture of Karlie with her granny roll. :)

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