ER Hank

Last night we took Hank to the emergency room for the second time in the last six weeks.  The first time was when the Sunday school teacher accidentally gave him peanut butter and he had an allergic reaction.  It was terrifying because Hank had never been exposed to peanuts.  We found out through a blood test when he had a reaction to eggs that he was also allergic to peanuts.  When I picked him up from class he had hives all over his face and mouth. I had left the epi-pen in the backpack at home after our trip to the zoo the day before.  Thankfully he responded well to Benadryl and ended up with just minor wheezing instead of an anaphylactic reaction.  We learned we needed to teach him about peanut butter too.  While we constantly teach him to ask about candy and cookies, he had never seen peanut butter.  
After dinner Hank was playing on the bar stool and tipped it over onto his toe.  His bare little toe got sandwiched between the hard tile and the heavy bar stool.  He had that scream that you instantly know this is a bad one.  Max picked him up and he was bleeding.  He continued to scream in a way I have not seen any of the kids cry.  I decided it was time to go to the ER.  The girls were having sleepovers so I quickly arranged for them to go back to our neighbors house.  So much for her peaceful, kid free evening.
 Hank ended up with an open fracture of his big toe.  He has two hairline fractures and deep cut at the base of his toe nail that will cause him to lose the nail soon.  He is taking antibiotics to prevent a bone infection. He was so tough at the ER.  He just shook and held my hand as they cleaned and wrapped it.  He happily played with Legos for almost two hours despite it being way past his bedtime and his bloody boo-boo.  The nurses showered him with praise and gave him a pillow pet for the ride home.

A broken toe isn't going to slow this monkey down.  He has taken to crawling on threes.  He is enjoying the pampering from his sisters.  Kaitlin made him a get well card and all.

This makes Hank ER visits 3 in 3 years  : All three girls ER visits 3 in a cumulative 22 years.  I am pretty sure who is going to get the most tally marks in the shortest amount of time.

Our First Christmas in Arizona

Santa managed to find us in Arizona and he was very good to the kids.
 The highlights were hex bugs, Breyer horses, and a motor scooter for Hailey!
 Karlie's were the ultimate easy bake oven, a motor scooter, a fish, and Calico Critters.
 Kaitlin got her own desk with all the paper and pens a girl could want.  She had a Hello Kitty Christmas with PJ's, gum ball machine, and a lamp for her desk.
 Hank received numerous light sabers, costumes, and a play bow set with a camo tent.
 They all got chairs for their rooms and lava lamps.
 They also got a computer so they can do their on-line assignments!
I got a baby and Max got Uggs.
We spent most of the day playing with our new toys!
 We ate lots of yummy treats!
 This one scares me!
 Spider-Man kept the streets safe.
 It was near 70 degrees out so we had to take a dip in the hot tub.
 Siri wanted to swim too!
 My rowdy bunch.
 This is for Grampu.  Yes, we are playing outside on green grass in our bathing suits on Christmas!  But you had a white Christmas, so I think you trump us. :)
 We were too tired to get dressed up for Christmas dinner.  We had PJ's and Spider-Man instead.
 We had the best crab I have ever tasted.  A true King Crab.  His leg was 3/4 Hank's height!  The lobster couldn't hold a candle to it.  A delicious end to an amazing day.
 We were all ready for bed, even Bitty.
We had a very merry Christmas but it just wasn't the same without all the typical family festivities we are use to.  It was strange to spend the entire day with just our little family.  The best gifts are sharing special times with those you love.

Silver Siri the 7th

Meet Siri!  It was an Act of Congress to name our little lady.  We went through desert and Christmas themes with Mirage and Silver Belle.  We tried M names so Max could have an M buddy with Maya.  We called her Maya for almost 2 days before deciding it wasn't just right.
There were so many things that added up to seven that we called her Seven for a day too.  But she is just too dainty for such a severe name.  We wanted a name that you wouldn't name a person.  We seem to be partial to girl names that end in an "e" sound. We also wanted a name that had meaning for her.  
We put Silver in there for the silver bells of Christmas and of course her silver color.
 Being Apple fans, we tip our hats to Steve Jobs, arguably the greatest inventor of our time.  Siri has become a sensation worldwide and has revolutionized the smartphone.  Siri made her debut a few weeks before our girl was born and the day before Jobs died.
 According to Birth Village, Siri comes from the Indian word that means, "wealth; God's gift of love."  The Scandinavian meaning is "beautiful and victorious."  A dog is truly God's gift of love.  No other animal loves the way a dog does.  Siri is also beautiful and will enrich our lives.  The kids are absolutely in love.  Siri has been quite victorious in winning a spot on the couch and sleeping between Max and me.  Those Weimaraners!
Seven is significant in her life as well.  She was born on the 7th day (Sunday, October 30th).  She was 7th in the litter.  She was 7 weeks when we got her.  She is the 7th member in our family.  She comes from Las Vegas where 7s are lucky.

SIRI is our beautiful, silver girl of sevens.

Optimus Prime Tebowing at Hoover Dam

 We had to drive to Las Vegas to get the puppy and stopped at the Hover Dam on the way.
It had been 13 years since Max and I had been to the Dam.  We last visited while driving back to Colorado after attending the 1997 Holiday Bowl in San Diego where CSU beat Missouri.  We were not even married yet.  

 The Mike O'Callaghan- Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge was completed in 2010.

Part of the movie Transformers was filmed at the Hoover Dam so Hank insisted on being Optimus Prime for his visit.  He was quite the celebrity with police men stopping to wave to him and plenty of Asian tourist shouting out, "there's Optimus!" 
 You are surrounded by incredible architectural feats.
 At the Celestial Plaza where the Winged Figures of the Republic and the US flag fly.
At the base of the winged figures is a "map of the cosmos to represent the day President Roosevelt dedicated the dam.  The map is supposedly so accurate, you have to have expertise in astrophysics to know what it means, but the powers in charge of the projected anticipated time-travelers would come someday and they wanted to leave an accurate record of their achievement."
 We rubbed their feet for good luck per the tradition.  Hoping we are lucky with our puppy pick and she is not a crazy one.
 Hank Tebowed at the Lonely Lands Made Fruitful plaque.   I submitted his photo to the Tebowing site and he was accepted!  You can click here to see his link or click on the toddlers link from the home page and click through until you find him. 
 Max had his Transformers T-shirt on too! :)
 On the border between Arizona and Nevada.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
 I Moose Be Dreaming that it is already Christmas Eve!  
We set out the cookies for Santa and Mrs. Claus, and the carrots for the reindeer.  The stockings are hung.  We are all snug in in our new jammies.
Now it is time for all good little boys, girls and puppies to go to sleep for NORAD says Santa is on his way!!

Chalk It Up For a Good Time

I had intentions of posting this a while ago, but better late than never I suppose.  This was such a fun and practical gift to make for family and friends, I had to pass it on.  While at my Aunt Kathleen's house for Thanksgiving she had the cutest wine glasses that had chalkboard paint on the bases so your guest could just write their names on them with chalk.  No more remembering what little jewel you are.  If you forgot your name, then you certainly had one too many!
 I bought a bulk set of wine glasses from World Market.
 Then covered the glasses with a Ziploc baggie and taped it off with painter's tape.
 Then sprayed the bases with chalkboard spray paint from Micheal's. 
I then wrote Merry Christmas, love MKHKKH on the bases.
 I ended up buying lots of chalk.  Most of the chalk for kids is not meant for chalkboards.  Go figure.  I ended up finding the right chalk at Hobby Lobby.  Dustless chalk is made from calcium carbonate while most of the children's chalk is a clay base.  Must have chalkboard chalk for it to work.
 Add a bottle of your favorite wine.  I really wanted to find bottles of Chalk Hill wine, but it was above my gift basket price range and is hard to find here.  Cute idea though.

For those with kids, I made little personal chalk boards for the kids and added some colored chalk.  For toddlers I included sidewalk chalk.  With a little paint and some time, you can make a gift basket chalked full of fun for kids and grown-ups alike!