Cupcake Bites

Hailey celebrated her unbirthday at school yesterday since her birthday is in the summer. We decided to try something new and do cupcake bites. I had seen them on Bakerella and thought it was such a cute idea. If you click on the link, she provides a photo step by step.
You make a cake and crumble it and then mix it with cream cheese frosting. Then you make little cupcake shapes with a cookie cutter. Then you dip the bottom of the cupcake in melted candy chocolate. After the bottom dries, you dip the top in white or pink melted chocolate and add sprinkles. So basically it is a cupcake all wrapped up in chocolate. As Hailey said, "what could be better than chocolate covered in chocolate?!"
They turned out really cute. Not as cute as Bakerella's, but cute enough. Next time I think I will try making them cupcake pops. They were a huge hit with her class mates.
The only problem was we had only enough for her class, so I didn't get to sample them. Hailey tells me they were delicious and one boy said it was the best dessert he has ever had ( you know how discriminating a 9 year old boy is :) and that many kids wanted the recipe. So if you want to trust a bunch of nine year olds, then this one is for you!

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Lacey said...

LOVE BAKERELLA!! Those are so cute and look yummy!! GREAT JOB AS ALWAYS MAMA!!