It's That Time Again...

With a fresh year in front of me, it is time to make those goals for 2011. I should check my 2010 resolutions to see what needs to get rolled over. :0)

Last year's resolutions:
1. Do at least one Triathlon.
Yep, did two!

2. Floss more.
Nope. Guess I will look for more floss in 2011.

3. Drink at least one glass of water a day. More water, less beer in 2010. ;0)
Strike 2! There is always room for improvement.

4. Read some more challenging literature, dare I say non-fiction.
Certainly no doctoral pieces, but I did graduate to adult fiction and read a travel book about Paris. So I guess I can slide that in the yes column.

5. Carve out a little personal time.
I forced myself to work out the first 8 months of the year and Max and I went to numerous concerts this year. We had lots of time together as a couple, which was great.

6. We have two relatively small (anything would seem small next to Max's school loans) private loans for medical and nursing school that I want to pay off this year rather than the current payoff scheduled for 2012.
I made a conscious decision to buy a piano instead. So, hopefully I can stay away from criagslist long enough to make it happen in 2011.

7. Continue with our family Bible study and if school schedules work out, start back up with the ladies Bible study at our church.
We have done our family Bible study, but not every week and I wasn't able to hook up with a ladies study. So on to 2011.

8. Take a vacation where Max can't work. No iphone or pager. I don't want to share him for at least 3 days!
We went to the mountains, to Paris and California. While I did have to share him some, I mostly had him to myself. I am sure I had him for at least 3 days.

9. Take a family vacation. Ugh, I see road trip.
We went to Steamboat and California!

10. And for the worst of them all.... Catch up the baby books. Why me?!?! I must be a gluten for punishment.

Imagine me doing the Micheal Jackson's moon dance! Oh yeah baby. I got them ALL caught up. When they grow up and look in those puppies they are going to think I recorded every special moment as it happened (as long as they don't read the blog too). Yes!

Not so hot. 60% I guess I will have to work harder in 2011. I made 10 resolution for last year, does that mean I have to make 11 this year? This could get dicey as the years fly by.

New goals are:
1. To try the Warrior Dash with Max. This is my kind of race. They hand out beer instead of water! Might interfere with goal #9.

2. Since I got the baby books all caught up it is now time to organize the giant box of random photos and school work.

3. Get more involved at church. We recently changed churches and it is time to get more plugged in.

4. Go on a beach vacation. It has been 7 years and I am ready.

5. Reduce my craigslist and gymboree investments by 25%!

6. Take a class. I want to learn something new this year.

7. Make our family more fit from what we eat to our exercise.

8. Get Hank completely potty trained! I sure hope his slow learning in this area doesn't transfer to other areas.

Now for the goals I just can't seem to meet.

9. More water, less beer.

10. Floss.

11. Pay off school loans.

I think those last three will be my companions for many years. But at least they are there to remind me to try harder. Hoping 2011 will be a Christ centered, fit, organized, diaper free and fun year.

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