When I took the kids to school this morning, it was -5 degrees. Nothing warms you as well as a hot bowl of Posole (Mexican soup). The spice will keep you warm long after you have finished your bowl!


Serves 4-6 people

- 1lb of pork cubed and browned

- 1lb of Chorizo browned and drained (rinse lightly to remove excess grease)

- 2 - 30oz cans of hominy

- 2 - 10oz cans of Rotel mild

- 1- 4oz can diced green chilies

- 1 pkg onion soup mix

- 1 tbsp ground cumin seed

- 1 tbsp oregano

- 1 tbsp coriander

- 1 tbsp cilantro

-1 can of chicken broth

Combine in crock pot for 6 hrs on high or low for 8hrs. You can also use a standard pot and simmer on low 3-1/2 hours or until the hominy is tender.

I like to serve it with flour tortillas, shredded cheese, sour cream, diced avocado, diced jalapenos, diced red onion, and fresh squeezed lime juice.

If prepared in the crock pot, it creates an amazing aroma that makes you eager for dinner all day! It is a great soup to make for company as all the prep is done in advance and it creates an easy, beautiful meal. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

So Good!!! We loved it!