Sleeping Beauty

Karlie never ceases to surprise me. Last Monday she asked me if she could please try out for the Missoula Children's Theater's performance of Sleeping Beauty. It is a traveling theater production that goes to all 50 states and 16 countries to bring children's theater to local communities. Her best friend's family is really into theater and they always audition for the Missoula Play when it comes to town. They have been in numerous productions and are all talented actresses and singers. Our family on the other hand has drama queens, but never have they performed in public or taken acting classes like her friend. So, I agreed to let her audition and figured it would be good for her to try something and begin to learn the hard lessons of disappointment. I was really not looking forward to spending every night at the theater for rehearsal anyway. (See what a supportive mom I am.)
As her best friend's mom and I sat through the 2 hour audition, I texted Max that I thought Marley, her best bud, was going to get a part but that Karlie didn't have a chance. There were 140 kids for 40 parts and a larger number of young kids for the dozen caterpillar characters. As the directors began to call names I about choked when they called Karlie. Marley's mom began to get nervous as they did not call her name. I felt awful. This wasn't suppose to happen. Marley was suppose to get the part and we were suppose see that theater wasn't our gig.
Karlie on the other hand was beside herself with glee. She looked at me and said, "Mom! It's my first play!" I am thinking to myself, 'oh and I hope last.' After a week of rehearsals for two hours each night and all day on Saturday, I think our girl has the theater bug. As exhausted as she was after the two performances, she said she would definitely do it again and had so much fun. I asked her if she was nervous and she said, "No. The hardest part is not smiling when I am suppose to be grumpy. With everyone looking at me, it hard not to smile." She did a great job and I was surprised how good the play was with just a week of rehearsals. The Missoula Children's Theater really knows what they are doing. Karlie's teacher, friends, and family came to cheer her on. She loved all the adoring fans. Look out world, here comes Karlie!


Lacey said...

I am SOOO Proud of her!!! You have a budding little actress on your hands. :) Watch out Natalie Portman!

Courtney said...

Looks like this was just right up her alley! I'm seeing a future in acting for her. Way to go Karlie!

Heather said...

Love it!