Thursday 13 ~ Too Much of a Good Thing?

Our kids have so many opportunities that I am wondering if it adds up to be too much of a good thing. There are endless clubs, sports and activities for them to be a part of. We have encouraged them to try out as many as they desire. However, when I look back at my week and wonder where all my time went, it becomes too clear that each kid won't be able to try everything. We just can't add yoga club, science club, soccer, and karate to our schedule.

1. Monday Hailey Art Club.
(the horse she made with recycled materials)
2. Monday Karlie Dance Class
3. Monday Hailey Basketball Practice

4. Monday Max Guitar Lessons ( I even have Max in lessons! LOL)

5. Tuesday Hailey Choir
6. Tuesday Hank Gymnastics
7. Wednesday Kaitlin Gymnastics
8. Wednesday Hailey Band
9. Thursday Karlie Piano
10. Thursday Hailey Piano

11. Friday Karlie Girl Scouts
12. Saturday Hailey Horse Lessons and Basketball Games
13. Sunday Church and Sunday School

As you can see the amount of activities seem to go up exponentially with age. How on earth will I be able to manage 24 activities at once? I have read different studies about over scheduled kids. A recent one claims, "kids engaged in organized activities perform better academically than their peers who do not. Busy kids are more likely to get straight As, graduate from high school, go to college, and less likely to use drugs. In short, contrary to popular belief, participation in organized activities is associated with positive outcomes." While other studies claim kids need more independent time to allow for play and imagination. We want our kids to be successful and with limitless opportunities it becomes difficult to draw the line. I feel a mix of Tiger Mom and Soccer Mom as I try to allow them to participate in as many activities as they want but at the cost of practice and commitment to their choice. Is it better to dabble in a little of everything or limit them to excel in one? The only thing I do know is that I am going to need a lot of coffee to not run out of steam by the time Hank can drive.

Hot Yoga

Over the weekend our friends came over to have a few Margaritas. If you have ever tasted Max's Margs you know that a couple of them will leave you in an altered state. It was in such a state that I agreed to go to hot yoga with my girlfriend. She has been trying to get me to join her gym for a while and I am just not a gym girl. But in my happy, carefree, tequila induced state, I was bullet proof and eagerly agreed to go with her in the morning to hot yoga. It sounded fun at the time.
(In case you were wondering, this is me. I just dyed my hair and got really buff since the last time you saw me.)

Then the morning rolled around and for some unknown reason I had a bit of a headache and would have been much happier cuddled up in bed. However, I am a girl of my word and got up and dressed for hot yoga. Thinking to myself that I have only done yoga in the comforts of my own home, I began to worry about the hour and a half session with gym yoga girls ahead of me. Plus I haven't done any yoga in about a two years! What was I thinking? Dang Margaritas.

We got to the gym and I was dazzled. This was no ordinary gym. It is a Lifetime Fitness Gym. My girlfriend calls it the poor man's country club. Boy do I want to be that poor man. I could go on and on but you really can't understand how huge and how nice it is unless you are in it. The kids zone alone is enough to lure me in, not to mention the water park! Who cares about the never ending sea of exercise equipment, free fitness classes, health cafe, or hair salon. It has a tube slide! :)

We headed up to the yoga studio after dropping our bags in the nicest locker room I have seen. The room was dim and meditation music was softly playing in the background. We took our places on our mats as the yoga instructor informed us it was currently 84 degrees and she is now setting it to 100 degrees. Margaritas equal agreeing to do yoga for an hour and a half in 100 degrees. They should come with a warning.

As the class began we had our eyes closed and focused on our breathing as the instructor reminded us "it is not about reaching your goal but having a goal to reach." I was thinking my goals were not to fall flat on my face and to not pass out and see the yoga fairies. Lofty, I know.

I don't remember my toes ever sweating when not in shoes. I could feel the sweat beading up on them. Each pose was held for 45 to 60 seconds with a standing series and and a sitting series that are each repeated. By the last standing series my muscles were trembling so much that my entire body was shaking like a leaf. The yoga instructor called this muscle memory. I just call it pain. As the class progressed the heavy breathing from the class began to over power the calming music. I think I sounded like a horse at the Derby!

During the cool down I was euphoric, not only because I had not stroked out or made a total fool of myself. But because I had 90 minutes of mostly quiet time in a warm -okay hot, room while I stretched, releasing all my stress and happy endorphins surged. The yoga instructor commented on how we all looked "yoga stoned." It was true. I have never felt better after a work out. I felt strong, flexible and had a happiness that I don't have after other forms of self inflicted torture working out.

That is until the next morning when muscles I didn't know I had hurt. From my head to my toes, I felt every muscle that participated in hot yoga. Now that I am two days out and I didn't fall on my face or see the yoga fairies, I am a fan. I can't wait to try it again and see if I get the same post yoga high and if my muscles remember anything. If you get the opportunity, even if it requires a few margaritas to agree to it, try hot yoga. It is unlike any other work out!

Going to Bat For Her Old Man

Max has many wonderful characteristics, however being a romantic on Valentine's Day is not one of them. He has a long history of "forgetting" this day. It is the one day of the whole year that I continue to get my hopes up for flowers, cards, candy and romantic dinner without kids. I keep thinking one year he will surprise me only to realize he just can't make it happen. He likes to use the artificial holiday excuse.
Last night Hailey tried to cover for her old man and left this note with her fake flowers from her room on my bed.
She wrote in "bad hand writing like Daddy."

Dear Katie,
You are the best wife in the world and I couldn't ask for a better one.
Happy Valentine's Day.

She is such a sweet and thoughtful girl. Clearly genes she got from her mother. :)

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope your day is full of LOVE,
nifty red and pink EATS,
delicious SWEETS,

and special TREATS!

Happy Valentine's Day! Love MKHKKH

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

With Valentine's Day class parties around the corner, I thought I would share some of our cupcake love. I made these with an eggless white cake and a cream cheese frosting. I made a half batch of fondant using the large strawberry flavored marshmallows. I cut the hearts out of that and then added red to get hot pink for the Xs and Os. Strawberry flavored fondant was a hit!
Makes for a fun and easy way to give Hugs and Kiss to your sweetest Valentines.