Thursday 13 ~ Too Much of a Good Thing?

Our kids have so many opportunities that I am wondering if it adds up to be too much of a good thing. There are endless clubs, sports and activities for them to be a part of. We have encouraged them to try out as many as they desire. However, when I look back at my week and wonder where all my time went, it becomes too clear that each kid won't be able to try everything. We just can't add yoga club, science club, soccer, and karate to our schedule.

1. Monday Hailey Art Club.
(the horse she made with recycled materials)
2. Monday Karlie Dance Class
3. Monday Hailey Basketball Practice

4. Monday Max Guitar Lessons ( I even have Max in lessons! LOL)

5. Tuesday Hailey Choir
6. Tuesday Hank Gymnastics
7. Wednesday Kaitlin Gymnastics
8. Wednesday Hailey Band
9. Thursday Karlie Piano
10. Thursday Hailey Piano

11. Friday Karlie Girl Scouts
12. Saturday Hailey Horse Lessons and Basketball Games
13. Sunday Church and Sunday School

As you can see the amount of activities seem to go up exponentially with age. How on earth will I be able to manage 24 activities at once? I have read different studies about over scheduled kids. A recent one claims, "kids engaged in organized activities perform better academically than their peers who do not. Busy kids are more likely to get straight As, graduate from high school, go to college, and less likely to use drugs. In short, contrary to popular belief, participation in organized activities is associated with positive outcomes." While other studies claim kids need more independent time to allow for play and imagination. We want our kids to be successful and with limitless opportunities it becomes difficult to draw the line. I feel a mix of Tiger Mom and Soccer Mom as I try to allow them to participate in as many activities as they want but at the cost of practice and commitment to their choice. Is it better to dabble in a little of everything or limit them to excel in one? The only thing I do know is that I am going to need a lot of coffee to not run out of steam by the time Hank can drive.


Leslie Raffelson said...

I only have one young daughter now, but as a teacher I am around a lot of kids all the time. I think that as young kids, it is important to expose them to a lot of different activities and as they grow, have them choose which ones they want to focus on. It is important that they make decisions, stick with something and put their energy into begin good as they can at what they choose. If you are becoming stressed with all the activities though, consider one night a week of no activity night and family game night or something. I love your blog.

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