Karlie the Kid's Wild West Birthday Party

Karlie wanted a wild west theme birthday party. I made her invitations and burned the edges.
It reads:
A posse to celebrate the birthday of the infamous outlaw, Karlie the Kid!
Saturday, March 19th at 3pm
Saddle up and mosey on over to the MKHKKH Ranch
To celebrate her capture we will be havin all the fixins, including hot dogs, chili, corn bread, s'mores and more! Don't forget your boots and jeans for our cowboy competitions.
Give a yeah or a neigh to Sheriff Katie.
The Wild West Cake was really fun.
I love how cartoony it turned out.
The top was strawberry, the middle chocolate and the bottom was cow (vanilla with black food coloring spots).
The goodie bags were bandannas and cowboy hats.
In the bandannas were snakes, jolly ranchers, bubble gum coins, water guns and sheriff badges.
The cast of characters.
Karlie the Kid and Deputy Hank.
Max Mcgraw the hottest cowboy in the west.
TNT Titus!
The unsinkable Hailey Jo.
Little Luke.
The Ladies of the west, Lucy and Kaitlin.
You should not mess with this duo!
Max and Hank were partners in crime as they 4 wheeled in the pink jeep.
Corrine was the little lady of the party.
The first game was a pony race. Hailey set up an obstacle course that the relay teams raced on their ponies.

Cactus Jack got bucked off his pony!
It was a tense race.
The next game was panning for gold. We spray painted a bunch of rocks gold and spread them all throughout the yard and turned the kids loose. They could come redeem them for gold chocolate coins from the banker. Even Grammy got in line for this one! :) This was the favorite game.
Then we roped the horse.
Kaitlin got tired of trying to rope her horse so she took matters into her own hands!
There is that hot cowboy again. The camera just seemed to keep finding him. Wonder if he owns any chaps?
Back to the games. The good ole stand by pinata.
All 25 kids cycled through and this stinking bull would not be broken.
Max and I had to show the kids how to break a bull!
Hailey and her friends taught the kids some line dancing.
Present time. Green Converse were a big hit!
Don't that hunk of a cowboy look like he was just bucked from his bronco?
Happy Birthday Karlie the Kid! We love you cowgirl.

Karlie's 7th Birthday

The birthday girl requested french toast for breakfast. However, with Max home we forgot to set the alarm and all over slept. So we postponed her special breakfast until the weekend!
Kaitlin, Hank and I went to her school and had lunch with her. That was a special treat. The whole lunch room sang Happy Birthday to her.
Karlie actually loves corned beef. Lucky for us we get to have Irish soda bread and green rice with the traditional St. Patrick's Day feast for her birthday dinner.
Love corned beef, mashed red potatoes, cabbage and carrots.
She has been wanting this green monkey for some time.
Time for cake.
Hoping all your wishes come true sweet girl. We love you!


On Wednesday morning the phone rang and it came up as the hospital that Max works at. I thought Max was calling. However when a woman on the other end said she was a nurse calling from the ER, my stomach dropped. She informed me that Max had been in an accident on his way to work. I immediately checked the clock. That was over two hours ago! Why are they just now calling and why isn't he calling me? I began to panic.
Pictures of him unconscious flashed through my mind. She then assured me that he was okay and they thought his arm was broken and that he had facial lacerations from his chin to his cheek. I envisioned a giant slice from chin to ear. She told me he was going to be okay and not to rush down but be safe. I also know that ER nurses commonly tell people to not panic and drive safe. I didn't entirely trust her that he was okay. An ER nurse's idea of okay and my idea of my husband okay are totally different. :0) After frantically scrambling to get my mom to leave work to come watch the kids I made it to the ER. They had just removed Max's C-spine collar and he was a little dazed in this photo.
His X-rays and CT scans showed no broken bones or brain bleeds. His arm took the brunt of the impact though and is deeply bruised and swollen. It was nearly twice the size of his arm the day after the accident. His sternum is also very sore. Thank God for seat belts. I hate to think what would have happened if he wasn't wearing his.

It is hard to describe what happened but after a train went through the intersection, Max's road immediately got the green light. His vision was blocked by the other two lanes so he couldn't see that someone was already crossing the intersection and they collided. The truck that hit him on the driver side pushed Max's car into the other oncoming car which hit the passenger side. That impact then pushed the front of Max's car into the light pole. He was the only injury and the cops ruled it a no fault accident due to the light cycle timing. Apparently this is not the first crash from it.

We are so very thankful that Max only needed 6 stitches. Looking at the car, its a miracle he is as unharmed as he is! Since they had to trim his goatee to stitch up his chin, he figured it would be a good time to trim it all off!
He hasn't been goatee-less in over a decade! This will be a year of change for sure.

Sparkle Turns Seven!

Happy Birthday Karlie!
We are so lucky to have you as our daughter. You are growing up into a beautiful, strong and smart lady. I am not sure how much more luck you can have than being 7 on St. Patrick's day! We hope you have a super 7th year Sparkle.

Seven Special Things About Karlie
1. Green is her favorite color. Luckily it looks great on her and matches her eyes.
2. One of her nicknames is Sparkle. She is the spark in our family for sure!
3. She has the most wonderful laugh. It is infectious and makes you laugh too.
4. She has a big heart and loves deeply.
5. She loves to dance around like a fairy.
6. Her favorite food is meat, especially steak.
7. She is crazy about shopping, especially at Gymboree. I see the two of us doing some serious damage in the future. :)
My Lucky Ladies.

Luck of the Irish Cupcakes

I made these Irish flag cupcakes for Karlie's class party tomorrow. The luck of the Irish was with us today. Max was in a pretty bad car accident on his way to work this morning. Luckily he is only bruised and cut. After X-rays, CTs and MRIs he just needed a few stitches, some pain meds and a whole lot of nursing care. Luckily he has three little mamas and one big one that are tending to his every need. Not to mention one little man that hasn't left his side. We thank God for watching over him today. The car is totalled but Max will make a full recovery. As we sat hour after hour in the ER and listened to the beeps and alarms and lives being shattered, I felt so very lucky. Lucky and thankful.This St. Patrick's Day kiss all your little leprechauns and thank your lucky stars for all your blessings. In a moment it can all change. You can go from making cupcakes to cradling your injured loved one in a flash. May blessings and luck find each of you.

Keepin it Real

Ever feel like your life is spinning madly out of control? Today I had a five minute span that made me feel like I have lost all control and might as well crack open a bottle of wine -at 3 in the afternoon!

It started when Hailey brought me her math test that she got a D - on. That is D as in two points away from F! I was telling her how disappointed I was and that she is going to have to work harder on her homework and studying. She began to cry and went to her room. I felt like a jerk. Then Kaitlin and RJ were playing outside and I checked on them and found them playing teeter-totter on the lounge chair. As I told them to stop, I saw it was too late and they had already busted it. Grrr. At that moment Karlie brought me her library overdue notice for two books that I have never even seen. The current fee is 35 bucks! As we were discussing where the books could be, Hank notified me that his pants were wet. Not wet as in I spilled my cereal on them or wiped my wet hands on them after I washed them. No, they were the I just peed my pants after a long nap kind of wet. Ugh. As I was cleaning him up in the bathroom, Kaitlin came running inside and said that RJ was hurt and needed my help. I yelled to Hailey to come stay with Hank in the potty and ran to RJ who was lying on the floor by the play structure. He said he got popped in the chin and was crying. I comforted and kissed him all better. I then returned inside to see my house that has unfinished laundry all over the couch, what appears to be a weeks worth of cereal and gold fish smashed on the floor even though it is really just one afternoons worth, and a sink full of dishes. Things are going well and its only 3:30. There is still homework, piano practice, and dinner to make. Time for a drink.

Little Flower

One of the activities we did for Karlie's Daisy Troop was to plant flowers. To earn their patch they had to nurture and water their seedlings into plants. Kaitlin attends every meeting with us and got to plant seeds as well. Karlie's plants took off and she had a pot full of plants sprouting while Kaitlin had one lonely shoot. Everyday she reminded me to water her little plant and wanted to take it down from the window sill and check on it's progress.
The little plant continued to grow until it was taller than all of Karlie's garden. Then it grew even higher to where it now reaches above the entire span of the window. Then one morning a beautiful, pink flower opened up. Karlie's lush garden has yet to flower.
Kaitlin's flower reminds me of The "Little Engine That Could", "The Ugly Duckling" and Jack and The Beanstalk" all wrapped up in one! With enough love it grew bigger and more beautiful than all the rest. One of Kaitlin's nicknames is Little Flower.