Christmas as a Child

This weekend I was attempting to declutter the house and found one of Hailey's old writing homework paragraphs. The topic was to write about her favorite thing to do on winter break. I thought it was so cute and had forgotten to post about it. While the paragraph is a wonderful snap shot into her mind, the picture is well, worth a thousand words.

If you can't read the paragraph, it says:
My favorite thing to do on Winter Break was to celebrate Christmas with my family. I remember coming down in the morning with my family and seeing all the presents under the tree. I opened so many presents I lost track of how many I got! After that, I had a delicious breakfast, creamed eggs! Before we went to my grandma's house we had a scrumptious dinner of lobster, crab, artichokes and pasta! Then I went to my grandma's house and had a Christmas party where I got more presents! Now you can see why Christmas is my favorite thing to do on Winter Break!

I love how the tree appears to be shining brightly and all the kids are smiling, even Daisy is in the mix with her bone. Pretty cute how she thinks of Max and me as hugging as we happily watch the scene. Idyllic, wouldn't you say?

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