On Wednesday morning the phone rang and it came up as the hospital that Max works at. I thought Max was calling. However when a woman on the other end said she was a nurse calling from the ER, my stomach dropped. She informed me that Max had been in an accident on his way to work. I immediately checked the clock. That was over two hours ago! Why are they just now calling and why isn't he calling me? I began to panic.
Pictures of him unconscious flashed through my mind. She then assured me that he was okay and they thought his arm was broken and that he had facial lacerations from his chin to his cheek. I envisioned a giant slice from chin to ear. She told me he was going to be okay and not to rush down but be safe. I also know that ER nurses commonly tell people to not panic and drive safe. I didn't entirely trust her that he was okay. An ER nurse's idea of okay and my idea of my husband okay are totally different. :0) After frantically scrambling to get my mom to leave work to come watch the kids I made it to the ER. They had just removed Max's C-spine collar and he was a little dazed in this photo.
His X-rays and CT scans showed no broken bones or brain bleeds. His arm took the brunt of the impact though and is deeply bruised and swollen. It was nearly twice the size of his arm the day after the accident. His sternum is also very sore. Thank God for seat belts. I hate to think what would have happened if he wasn't wearing his.

It is hard to describe what happened but after a train went through the intersection, Max's road immediately got the green light. His vision was blocked by the other two lanes so he couldn't see that someone was already crossing the intersection and they collided. The truck that hit him on the driver side pushed Max's car into the other oncoming car which hit the passenger side. That impact then pushed the front of Max's car into the light pole. He was the only injury and the cops ruled it a no fault accident due to the light cycle timing. Apparently this is not the first crash from it.

We are so very thankful that Max only needed 6 stitches. Looking at the car, its a miracle he is as unharmed as he is! Since they had to trim his goatee to stitch up his chin, he figured it would be a good time to trim it all off!
He hasn't been goatee-less in over a decade! This will be a year of change for sure.


MandM said...

Wow, that looks horrible. I cant imagine how scared you must have been. SOOOO glad he's okay. God was riding passenger with him that day.

Lacey said...

So glad he is okay. I don't even recognize him in that last picture!! Now maybe he will get the bigger car you've been wanting him to have. :)

Courtney said...

I am so glad he is okay. What a miracle. You must have been so scared! I thought he drove a truck? Thinking of you all!