Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!!

Today 99 years ago the Girl Scouts was first officially registered. It has guided millions of girls into leaders over its 99 years. It is a great organization that is focused on building girls' "courage, confidence, and character." We had to celebrate with a party of course!I made a Girl Scout Daisy cake for the meeting. The girls earn their petals, which then form a colorful Daisy.
For our activity we made Girl Scout bracelets for a sister troop to give as a gift to represent being a sister to every Girl Scout.
Then we played pass the present. Each present they opened had a Girl Scout fact or they had to say the Girl Scout promise. The final present was the patches they had earned in the last two months.
Then we celebrated with singing happy birthday and cake!
99 years and still going strong! Happy Birthday Girls Scouts. Troop 4300 has a lot of potential strong and confidant leaders sprouting.

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Lacey said...

Super Fun, Super Cute, and Love the CAKE!!