Karlie the Kid's Wild West Birthday Party

Karlie wanted a wild west theme birthday party. I made her invitations and burned the edges.
It reads:
A posse to celebrate the birthday of the infamous outlaw, Karlie the Kid!
Saturday, March 19th at 3pm
Saddle up and mosey on over to the MKHKKH Ranch
To celebrate her capture we will be havin all the fixins, including hot dogs, chili, corn bread, s'mores and more! Don't forget your boots and jeans for our cowboy competitions.
Give a yeah or a neigh to Sheriff Katie.
The Wild West Cake was really fun.
I love how cartoony it turned out.
The top was strawberry, the middle chocolate and the bottom was cow (vanilla with black food coloring spots).
The goodie bags were bandannas and cowboy hats.
In the bandannas were snakes, jolly ranchers, bubble gum coins, water guns and sheriff badges.
The cast of characters.
Karlie the Kid and Deputy Hank.
Max Mcgraw the hottest cowboy in the west.
TNT Titus!
The unsinkable Hailey Jo.
Little Luke.
The Ladies of the west, Lucy and Kaitlin.
You should not mess with this duo!
Max and Hank were partners in crime as they 4 wheeled in the pink jeep.
Corrine was the little lady of the party.
The first game was a pony race. Hailey set up an obstacle course that the relay teams raced on their ponies.

Cactus Jack got bucked off his pony!
It was a tense race.
The next game was panning for gold. We spray painted a bunch of rocks gold and spread them all throughout the yard and turned the kids loose. They could come redeem them for gold chocolate coins from the banker. Even Grammy got in line for this one! :) This was the favorite game.
Then we roped the horse.
Kaitlin got tired of trying to rope her horse so she took matters into her own hands!
There is that hot cowboy again. The camera just seemed to keep finding him. Wonder if he owns any chaps?
Back to the games. The good ole stand by pinata.
All 25 kids cycled through and this stinking bull would not be broken.
Max and I had to show the kids how to break a bull!
Hailey and her friends taught the kids some line dancing.
Present time. Green Converse were a big hit!
Don't that hunk of a cowboy look like he was just bucked from his bronco?
Happy Birthday Karlie the Kid! We love you cowgirl.

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Courtney said...

awesome cake, awesome theme, and cute kids! So glad your hunky cowboy was feeling well and lookin' good. ;)