Keepin it Real

Ever feel like your life is spinning madly out of control? Today I had a five minute span that made me feel like I have lost all control and might as well crack open a bottle of wine -at 3 in the afternoon!

It started when Hailey brought me her math test that she got a D - on. That is D as in two points away from F! I was telling her how disappointed I was and that she is going to have to work harder on her homework and studying. She began to cry and went to her room. I felt like a jerk. Then Kaitlin and RJ were playing outside and I checked on them and found them playing teeter-totter on the lounge chair. As I told them to stop, I saw it was too late and they had already busted it. Grrr. At that moment Karlie brought me her library overdue notice for two books that I have never even seen. The current fee is 35 bucks! As we were discussing where the books could be, Hank notified me that his pants were wet. Not wet as in I spilled my cereal on them or wiped my wet hands on them after I washed them. No, they were the I just peed my pants after a long nap kind of wet. Ugh. As I was cleaning him up in the bathroom, Kaitlin came running inside and said that RJ was hurt and needed my help. I yelled to Hailey to come stay with Hank in the potty and ran to RJ who was lying on the floor by the play structure. He said he got popped in the chin and was crying. I comforted and kissed him all better. I then returned inside to see my house that has unfinished laundry all over the couch, what appears to be a weeks worth of cereal and gold fish smashed on the floor even though it is really just one afternoons worth, and a sink full of dishes. Things are going well and its only 3:30. There is still homework, piano practice, and dinner to make. Time for a drink.


Courtney said...

I can picture it all! I'm feeling it through the post. Wish I could come over for an afternoon marg. ;)

Lacey said...

I think I may need a drink just reading it. Oh Katie! And with everything else you have on your mind. Goodness. Hope you poured yourself a tall glass of wine and that your day got better.

Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Hope it was a stiff one - be of good cheer, this is the easy part - teens lurk on the horizon. Lv Anonymous - Gigi/Gram