Little Flower

One of the activities we did for Karlie's Daisy Troop was to plant flowers. To earn their patch they had to nurture and water their seedlings into plants. Kaitlin attends every meeting with us and got to plant seeds as well. Karlie's plants took off and she had a pot full of plants sprouting while Kaitlin had one lonely shoot. Everyday she reminded me to water her little plant and wanted to take it down from the window sill and check on it's progress.
The little plant continued to grow until it was taller than all of Karlie's garden. Then it grew even higher to where it now reaches above the entire span of the window. Then one morning a beautiful, pink flower opened up. Karlie's lush garden has yet to flower.
Kaitlin's flower reminds me of The "Little Engine That Could", "The Ugly Duckling" and Jack and The Beanstalk" all wrapped up in one! With enough love it grew bigger and more beautiful than all the rest. One of Kaitlin's nicknames is Little Flower.

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Blog a Blurb said...

Very tender!! She is beaming!!! Happy little flower Kaitlin!!