Luck of the Irish Cupcakes

I made these Irish flag cupcakes for Karlie's class party tomorrow. The luck of the Irish was with us today. Max was in a pretty bad car accident on his way to work this morning. Luckily he is only bruised and cut. After X-rays, CTs and MRIs he just needed a few stitches, some pain meds and a whole lot of nursing care. Luckily he has three little mamas and one big one that are tending to his every need. Not to mention one little man that hasn't left his side. We thank God for watching over him today. The car is totalled but Max will make a full recovery. As we sat hour after hour in the ER and listened to the beeps and alarms and lives being shattered, I felt so very lucky. Lucky and thankful.This St. Patrick's Day kiss all your little leprechauns and thank your lucky stars for all your blessings. In a moment it can all change. You can go from making cupcakes to cradling your injured loved one in a flash. May blessings and luck find each of you.

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