Puppy in a Present Cake

Cake season has begun. Max's birthday kicks off the beginning of a 7 week span of 5 of our birthdays. Add in a couple other cake request and school parties and I will be doing a cake or two a week!
This week it was Max and Marley. Marley is Karlie's best friend and she handed me this invitation and asked me if I could please make it for her. Yikes. This was a tall order. But I knew it meant a lot to her, so I gave it my best shot.
I briefly considered trying to sculpt the dog out of rice crispy treats, but after two days of working on the cake, I opted for Marley's present to be this cute little puppy.
The present lid is made out of rice crispy treats.
The cake is two 13 X 9s cut in half. I dug out the center of one layer to have room for the pup to sit in.
Happy Birthday Marley girl!


Lacey said...

Unbelievably talented. Seriously!! I am sure Marley LOVED her cake!!

Anonymous said...

You gave a little child a lifetime memory - what a lovely way to express yr talent. Gigi

Blog a Blurb said...

Spectacular cake! Magic making!

Courtney said...

amazing! can't believe you actually put the dog inside the cake!