Sparkle Turns Seven!

Happy Birthday Karlie!
We are so lucky to have you as our daughter. You are growing up into a beautiful, strong and smart lady. I am not sure how much more luck you can have than being 7 on St. Patrick's day! We hope you have a super 7th year Sparkle.

Seven Special Things About Karlie
1. Green is her favorite color. Luckily it looks great on her and matches her eyes.
2. One of her nicknames is Sparkle. She is the spark in our family for sure!
3. She has the most wonderful laugh. It is infectious and makes you laugh too.
4. She has a big heart and loves deeply.
5. She loves to dance around like a fairy.
6. Her favorite food is meat, especially steak.
7. She is crazy about shopping, especially at Gymboree. I see the two of us doing some serious damage in the future. :)
My Lucky Ladies.

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