Easter 2011

We hope you all had a blessed Easter. It was one of those days that you start running the minute you get up and go until you drop at bedtime. The kids came bounding in before 6 eager to see if the Easter Bunny had come! He did! The egg hunt quickly ensued. We were so busy Saturday we didn't get to dye eggs until first thing in the morning Sunday. The aroma of vinegar, boiled eggs and coffee is not a recommended way to start your morning. Then we had to get all dolled up for church. We went to watch my sister Chrysti lead worship! She was SO great. Such an amazing gift.

Then it was Eater brunch and giant egg hunt at Grammy's. Papa was out of town. We missed you greatly Grampy.
Corrin wasn't interested in eggs, there were stairs, and bikes and trikes!
Kaitlin on the prowl.
Hank thought this was the best day ever. Candy everywhere! Candy for breakfast, candy for snack, candy at church, candy at lunch, candy on the ground, candy after nap, candy for dessert! This must be heaven.
RJ was sprinting all over the yard like a jack rabbit!
Titus took any opportunity he could to climb a tree.
Karlie, look under your foot!
Max had a nice haul.
Hailey scored the golden egg up in the rafters.
Kaitlin and Hank checking out their eggs.
It is easy to get caught up in all the stuff to do for Easter. But Easter "is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of souls."

~Katherine Lee Bates
What day for He is risen. Risen for you! Risen for me! Oh Happy Day!

Belle Cake

On Sunday we had a family party for Kaitlin and Hank. Max and I had battle of the cakes. I decorated Belle and he decorated Hank's Millennium Falcon cake (will post it tomorrow).
I used two 8 inch rounds for the bottom and the Pampered Chef mixing bowl for the top of the dress. Marshmallow fondant and a full size Princess Belle wrapped her legs in Saran wrap. Princess Kaitlin requested funfetti cake and butter cream frosting.
Kaitlin was very happy, even if Max's cake turned out better. :0)
Hoping all your wishes come true Beauty.

How Hank Spent His 3rd Birthday

The Birthday Boy's menu for the day was extremely healthy. A diet a mother can be proud of. For breakfast it was Marshmallow Mateys. For lunch it was Kraft mac-n-cheese and chocolate milk. For dinner it was chicken sandwiches, homemade mac-n-cheese, edamame and more chocolate milk.
He spent the day alternating between pirates and Jedis.
After dinner he got to to open his gifts from family. Pops and Nana scored big with the Darth Maul light saber.
Time to sing Happy Birthday!
We had a joint Kaitlin and Hank birthday with family and close friends on Sunday, so we were a little caked out. Hank opted for his next favorite desert, Oreo milkshakes.
Then he got to help Daddy assemble his big boy bed. His crib converts into a full size bed and he kept waking himself up by hitting the sides of the toddler bed, so we figured it was time for a real big boy bed. I don't know if I am going to make it without some antidepressants. No diapers and no baby beds all in a month. That's it. I no longer have anything resembling a baby. WHAHHH!
Of course Star Wars is the theme.
He slept the whole night and didn't fall out of the bed. Guess he is ready to be a big kid now. Prozac here I come.
It was a pretty great day in the life of a three year old!

Happy 3rd Birthday Hank!

Happy Birthday Hank!

You are such a fun a little guy to be around. You almost always have a sunny disposition, even through those terrible twos. You are a rowdy fella who loves to wrestle and have light saber battles. You are currently enamored with Star Wars or "Dar Wars" as you say it. Max says the way you swing a bat and a golf club have the signs of lefty, although you use your right a lot, so we are not positive. You seem to be more coordinated than most kids your age. You can do a kart wheel (Karlie is still trying to perfect this), ride a two wheel bike (Strider), and do flips on the tramp -not to mention your prowess with a light saber. I fear from my hands every time we battle.

You are Daddy's shadow and love to do anything in the garage, with tools, or balls. You adore your big sisters almost as much as the adore you. You are happiest playing outside, watching Star Wars or having a light saber battle. Your nicknames are: Hank the Tank, Brother Man, Shaggie, and Misters. Your favorite foods are Mac-n-Cheese, edamame, fruit snacks and cake. Your big heart is one of your greatest qualities. We love you so much Hank and look forward to the joy you will bring as we get to watch you grow up!

When It's Okay to Misinterpret the Truth

I was driving the girls back from the dentist and we had the country station on. We had all just finished singing at the top of our lungs to a Taylor Swift song. Hey, its one of the perks of having three girls! Then this song, "Gettin' You Home" by Chris Young game on. I had turned the volume down but not too far. I was not really thinking about the music but just lost in my own stream of thoughts and happy that for once Star Wars wasn't playing on the DVD. After a while Hailey asked me what this song was about. I paused and listened and then began to blush. I stammered.... "Ahh, well," I gulped. "It is about how girls always want to go out on a date and get all dressed up for a fancy night out and boys just want to come home from work and change into their comfortable clothes and sit on the couch and watch TV and order pizza."

While trying my best to misinterpret the truth, I quickly turned on the DVD player and prayed my little white lie would work. Urr, no. She wanted to discuss that a bit more. Rats! She replied, "Daddy likes to take you out on special occasions and why is her black dress hitting the floor?" I thought quickly and said, "Well, not all guys are like your daddy and the man in the song is trying to say that she is beautiful the way she is. She doesn't need to put her black dress on." My shirt was wet with perspiration and I rolled the window down even though it was only 40 degrees out. Luckily the DVD distraction had started to work and she was satisfied with that answer - for now. What am I suppose to say with a car full of other little ears? Oh, honey, he is just singing about how he can't wait to get her his girl home so he can @#$&*%! Man this parenting stuff is rough. I thought country was a "safe" station to listen to. I guess its KLOVE or bust. LOL

If you want to decide for yourself on my interpretation of the song, give it a listen - just make sure no little ears are with you. :0)

Done With Diapers!

My diaper career is done... Hank did it! He FINALLY potty trained! Real Diaper Association estimates that you use 6000 diapers for the first two years of a child's life. Times that by 4 and then some for our late bloomers and I think we have changed around 30,000 diapers! To tune of $7,500! That doesn't include wipes.
Hailey was 2 and half when she ditched the diapers.
Karlie was 2 years and one month. She decided to potty train the week after we had Kaitlin. I have to give Hailey all the credit. She completely trained her in one week.
Something about a new baby in the house triggered these girls to potty train. Kaitlin also decided within a month of Hank's birth that she wanted to be a big girl. Again, it was Karlie who took the brunt of training.
This picture was taken March 25 2010, when Hank was about to turn two. His sisters all trained when they were two, so naturally he would too. I wasn't having any of that "boys are harder to train than girls" nonsense. He went a few times and I figured we were on are way. Then he pooped in his sister's room, and on the kitchen floor, and in the backyard. He didn't seem to get upset when he peed his pants. In comparison, I think the girls each had a handful of accidents and they were mortified to have wrecked their princess panties. Do you think Hank flinched when I said I had to throw away his truck underwear? Nope. He said, "Here's my diapie." Needless to say we have been battling it out for a year. At one point Max demanded I stop trying because it was like there was a puppy in the house and he was peeing all over the place.
We tried everything, including bribery. Our friends son outgrew his Harley, so they gave it to us. It sat in the garage as the ultimate bribe. We would tell him every time we got in the car, "Hank, if you throw away the diapers, you can get the battery for the motorcycle to make it go." He would sit on it and talk about being a big boy. Then in March he decided to do it. He hasn't looked back!
He really digs the bike. LOL Kaitlin rides on the back.
He knows he's hot stuff!
Way to go little buddy! I believe this officially closes the baby chapter for me. Sniff, Sniff. While I won't miss changing diapers, I already miss those baby butts.

How Kaitlin Spent Her 5th Birthday

For her birthday, Kaitlin wanted to do something special with her best buddies. She thought a tea party would be a lot of fun. The girls got dressed in their nicest dresses and we had a tea party at our local bakery.
Tea, tea sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and brownies.
Then they got to decorate princess crowns.
Then they got to decorate their own cupcakes. I was so happy that I wasn't going to have to clean up that mess! Six Neon frostings, sprinkles galore and 6 little girls.
I think Hailey has a future in cake decorating! :)
Presents with friends!
After her tea party she got to open her presents from family.
Her big present was an itouch. Hailey's buddy was selling hers to upgrade to the new one, so we were happy to take her old one off her hands. Kaitlin is so excited to have her very own!
We had our friends over for dinner and dessert. It was a day full of celebration and joy for our little lady.

Happy 5th Birthday Kaitlin!

Happy Birthday Kaitlin! You are like a flower in so many ways. You are beautiful, delicate, and you have an inner light that captivates people. You are very consciences and caring. You are a wonderful big sister to Hank and a sweet little sister too. Your presence makes people happy.
We know this will be a fantastic fifth year for you little Shuggie! Love you so much our little flower.

Today's Treasure ~ Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks

Costco is now offering Annie's Bunny Fruit snacks. You can get 24 organic fruit snacks packs for $10 verses about $5 for a 5 pack at the grocery store. The kids love them! They taste more like a gummy bear than typical fruit snacks and have 10-30 calories less per serving. So hop on over and try some.