Done With Diapers!

My diaper career is done... Hank did it! He FINALLY potty trained! Real Diaper Association estimates that you use 6000 diapers for the first two years of a child's life. Times that by 4 and then some for our late bloomers and I think we have changed around 30,000 diapers! To tune of $7,500! That doesn't include wipes.
Hailey was 2 and half when she ditched the diapers.
Karlie was 2 years and one month. She decided to potty train the week after we had Kaitlin. I have to give Hailey all the credit. She completely trained her in one week.
Something about a new baby in the house triggered these girls to potty train. Kaitlin also decided within a month of Hank's birth that she wanted to be a big girl. Again, it was Karlie who took the brunt of training.
This picture was taken March 25 2010, when Hank was about to turn two. His sisters all trained when they were two, so naturally he would too. I wasn't having any of that "boys are harder to train than girls" nonsense. He went a few times and I figured we were on are way. Then he pooped in his sister's room, and on the kitchen floor, and in the backyard. He didn't seem to get upset when he peed his pants. In comparison, I think the girls each had a handful of accidents and they were mortified to have wrecked their princess panties. Do you think Hank flinched when I said I had to throw away his truck underwear? Nope. He said, "Here's my diapie." Needless to say we have been battling it out for a year. At one point Max demanded I stop trying because it was like there was a puppy in the house and he was peeing all over the place.
We tried everything, including bribery. Our friends son outgrew his Harley, so they gave it to us. It sat in the garage as the ultimate bribe. We would tell him every time we got in the car, "Hank, if you throw away the diapers, you can get the battery for the motorcycle to make it go." He would sit on it and talk about being a big boy. Then in March he decided to do it. He hasn't looked back!
He really digs the bike. LOL Kaitlin rides on the back.
He knows he's hot stuff!
Way to go little buddy! I believe this officially closes the baby chapter for me. Sniff, Sniff. While I won't miss changing diapers, I already miss those baby butts.


Courtney said...

Way to go Hank!!! Those pics on the bike are hilarious! He is all boy-not to be influenced by all those girls.;) Couldn't help but laugh about the older sibs training the littler ones. So cute.
Let me know when you are having diaper withdrawls-I'll lend you one to change!

Lacey said...

Were did your baby go?? He looks like such a big boy in those pictures. Hooray to be diaper free. We still wear pull ups to bed- but thankful to not have to change a diaper!! It is a glorious feeling and I can spend and extra 24.99 at target and feel like it's free money since I am no longer purchasing pampers!

Congrats to your big boy!

MandM said...

Brandon also decided to train about a month after Lucas was born. He still wears pull ups at night, but all potty during the day! Way to go Boys!

Anonymous said...

Great read!! Congratulations all around!!