Happy 3rd Birthday Hank!

Happy Birthday Hank!

You are such a fun a little guy to be around. You almost always have a sunny disposition, even through those terrible twos. You are a rowdy fella who loves to wrestle and have light saber battles. You are currently enamored with Star Wars or "Dar Wars" as you say it. Max says the way you swing a bat and a golf club have the signs of lefty, although you use your right a lot, so we are not positive. You seem to be more coordinated than most kids your age. You can do a kart wheel (Karlie is still trying to perfect this), ride a two wheel bike (Strider), and do flips on the tramp -not to mention your prowess with a light saber. I fear from my hands every time we battle.

You are Daddy's shadow and love to do anything in the garage, with tools, or balls. You adore your big sisters almost as much as the adore you. You are happiest playing outside, watching Star Wars or having a light saber battle. Your nicknames are: Hank the Tank, Brother Man, Shaggie, and Misters. Your favorite foods are Mac-n-Cheese, edamame, fruit snacks and cake. Your big heart is one of your greatest qualities. We love you so much Hank and look forward to the joy you will bring as we get to watch you grow up!

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Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Hank! I can't believe you are already THREE! It's so fun to watch you grow up. Have a great day!