How Hank Spent His 3rd Birthday

The Birthday Boy's menu for the day was extremely healthy. A diet a mother can be proud of. For breakfast it was Marshmallow Mateys. For lunch it was Kraft mac-n-cheese and chocolate milk. For dinner it was chicken sandwiches, homemade mac-n-cheese, edamame and more chocolate milk.
He spent the day alternating between pirates and Jedis.
After dinner he got to to open his gifts from family. Pops and Nana scored big with the Darth Maul light saber.
Time to sing Happy Birthday!
We had a joint Kaitlin and Hank birthday with family and close friends on Sunday, so we were a little caked out. Hank opted for his next favorite desert, Oreo milkshakes.
Then he got to help Daddy assemble his big boy bed. His crib converts into a full size bed and he kept waking himself up by hitting the sides of the toddler bed, so we figured it was time for a real big boy bed. I don't know if I am going to make it without some antidepressants. No diapers and no baby beds all in a month. That's it. I no longer have anything resembling a baby. WHAHHH!
Of course Star Wars is the theme.
He slept the whole night and didn't fall out of the bed. Guess he is ready to be a big kid now. Prozac here I come.
It was a pretty great day in the life of a three year old!

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Lacey said...

I can not believe it's been THREE years. Happy birthday to such a cutie patootie!! Looks like he had a WONDERFUL birthday. And Mac and Cheese- he is my kind of dude!!