How Kaitlin Spent Her 5th Birthday

For her birthday, Kaitlin wanted to do something special with her best buddies. She thought a tea party would be a lot of fun. The girls got dressed in their nicest dresses and we had a tea party at our local bakery.
Tea, tea sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and brownies.
Then they got to decorate princess crowns.
Then they got to decorate their own cupcakes. I was so happy that I wasn't going to have to clean up that mess! Six Neon frostings, sprinkles galore and 6 little girls.
I think Hailey has a future in cake decorating! :)
Presents with friends!
After her tea party she got to open her presents from family.
Her big present was an itouch. Hailey's buddy was selling hers to upgrade to the new one, so we were happy to take her old one off her hands. Kaitlin is so excited to have her very own!
We had our friends over for dinner and dessert. It was a day full of celebration and joy for our little lady.

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Courtney said...

What a fun day! And what a sweet sweet girl. :)