Field Day and Last Day of School 2011

This week the girls had field day!
Long jump.
Sack races.
Water balloon toss.
Hank wanted to hit the wiffle ball too. :)
Balloon toss.
Water gun station. The kids had to try and reach the blind water gun shooter before they got hit. Hailey made it and became the shooter!
Today was the last day of school! Kaitlin had her end of the year picnic and her teachers gave me a page about Kaitlin. I laugh so hard at these.

My favorite color is "pink."
My favorite song is "Five Monkeys Swinging in a Tree."
My favorite food to eat is "shells and white cheddar."
My mom "takes a shower" all day.
My dad "works" all day.
My favorite thing to do at school is "dramatic play."
When I grow up, I want to be "a mom who works at a doctor's office."

Last year Kaitlin said I shopped all day and Max played on his phone all day. Going to have to work on my image a little. LOL

My little lady is going to be a kindergartner next year! They do all day Kinder in AZ. Gasp! I am going to miss my sweet girl. It will just be me and the little man. Hailey will be in her last year of elementary school too. :( They are growing up so fast it hurts. I love this precious time. Hopefully we can try to make it a happy summer.


Lacey said...

I feel your pain with only having one home next year also. I wish we could just hit the pause button and make time stand still. I hate that our babies are growing all up on us. Been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope things are going well!!

Courtney said...

Too cute. Love the shower comment. ;) could've been worse! I know it was a hard day for you. XOXO.

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