Millennium Falcon Cake

Sorry I am so behind on posting this. I really am not a sore loser, just a little more busy than usual. Without further ado.... Max's Millennium Falcon Cake.
The key is in the details.
Start with a 9 inch round cake and a 13 X 9 cake of your choice. Ours was eggless chocolate.
Using the 13 X 9 cut the triangular shapes and top supports.
Frost the top to hold it in place.Frost the entire cake.
Prepare marshmallow fondant. One batch was enough to cover it.
Cover with light grey fondant and use a pizza cutter to cut around the edges.
Here is where the real art work begins. We use a combination of Wilton's food coloring gel mixed with powder sugar and water to create a paint. Using a clean, fine tip paint brush, paint the fondant pieces for detail. After they dry a little you can apply with a touch of water on the back of it. Use a toothpick to draw lines and dots.
The cake boss at work. :)
We added toy figurines of Han Solo and Chewie.
Little Buddy was quite pleased. He tried to take a huge mouthful out of it before we even got the candles on it. My nephew Maximus begged me to make him this cake for his birthday in December. He will have to talk Max into it, as it is out of my league.


Lacey said...

I am so impressed!! Go Max!! If he ever gets tired of pathology, he can become a baker. :) :)

Anonymous said...

A cake smackdown! Did you see the princess one being built in the background? Glad I am not the judge!!! Both are so very cool and better yet so perfectly matched to the birthday boy and girl!

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