As much as we tried to focus the kids' attention on all the wondrous beauty of the Yellowstone and impress upon them how incredible it was, they had one thing on their mind... Cate and Bodi's house! Hank kept asking, "how much longer until Baby Bodi?" Karlie and Kaitlin kept asking when they would see Cate. I have to admit, I too was eager to see my best friend from nursing school, Courtney. She and Brennan kindly agreed to host our vagabond family.
Court and me! I miss her so much.

Max and Brennan. It's a good thing they don't get to hang out too often. They both enjoy sipping Scotch and Tequila. It could become an expensive relationship. :)
The motley crew. The kids had such a wonderful time. Cate is the sweetest girl. She shared her toys so nicely with the girls. Karlie and Cate were like two peas in a pod while Kaitlin's motherly instincts took over and she mothered poor Bodi to death. I had to compete with Kaitlin for Bodi. Oh, how he made my uterus ache. He is the most easy going, happy baby. It was impossible to restrain the urge to hold and kiss him. He is butter! I thought Hank was pure sunshine until I met Mr. Bodi. I could have easily packed him in the car with us. Hank has transformed from sunshine and butter to a regular Tasmanian Devil. After days in the car he was rowdy and destroyed Courtney's house on a regular basis. Sorry Court! It was so beautiful and perfect when we arrived. I hope you were able to get it back in order once the MKHKKH tornado left.
Speaking of her house. It has to be one of the most beautiful lots in America. I was stunned as I looked out any window in the house. I was green with envy as I looked at the abundance of lush, green views from every direction. Montana is so gorgeous. However, Courtney reminded me that for at least 6 months of the year, those views are solid white with snow pack. I guess every place has it's poison.
Four little monkeys in the tub.
As usual Courtney was the hostest with the mostest and served us a delicious array of tasty meals. I wasn't kidding about needing those recipes! Bison burgers were the best! Almost makes me think I could be a Montana mountain girl.
This was the view out their backyard one evening. Breath taking. We are trying to set up a VRBO deal where we house swap for a week every year. They can come get some sun and warmth and we can come play in this amazing outdoor wonderland. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We enjoyed it so much, we didn't want to leave. Love you!


Courtney said...

We were sad to see you go! Cate left her braids in until Friday. LOL. It was so much fun having you all here. Please stay longer next time!
We can't wait to soak in your AZ sun in October!

Lacey said...

AWESOME!! What a fun visit for all of you!! Courtney, besides the winter, your house really looks like Heaven on Earth. It is gorgeous there!!!

So where to now Katie???? This is one heck of a road trip!!! HOpe you are all having a blast!

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