Rough Start

I hope our departure for our grand voyage is not an indication of how the rest of the trip will unfold. The movers promised they would be done by noon yesterday. We planned to have lunch and leave at nap time with Steamboat Springs in our sights. As the hours continued tick by, we began to hope we could depart by dinner. As the movers worked so did Max and I. We cleaned the house, weeded the garden, swept the garage and finished tan barking the side of the house. We wanted to leave it as nice as possible. That home had been a magical place for us and we wanted the new owners to be awed by it's specialness.
We packed up the black bus for her two week road trip. And we waited. And waited. Finally at 6 pm the movers were almost ready to take off.
We filled an entire semi. The driver said it was 27,000 pounds worth. When did we get so much junk?!?!?!
After a quick dinner we grabbed the kids from my Mom and headed out for our big adventure. Our friends offered their cabin outside of Steamboat to us for the next two nights. Ten minutes into the drive we each of the kids had asked, "How much longer until we get there?" There is going to be a learning curve. We finally arrived around 10pm. It was a remote location up a dirt road with no lights and our GPS was taking us to an empty spot on the road. After searching around, we found a cabin with lights on. We parked and debated if it was the right house. Max decided to go knock. I had visions of a recluse mountain man shooting Max for trespassing. Colorado does have a Make My Day Law you know. He peaks in the window and sees pictures of our friend's kids everywhere. Phew! We found it. We get the half asleep kids in the cabin and unload the 6 suitcase, two food containers and all the pillows and lovies.

As we entered the cabin it had a very strong smell of propane. We found everyone a place to sleep but the kids soon began to complain of headaches. Max and I searched for carbon monoxide monitors but couldn't find any. Our exhaustion and the strong smell of propane began to create some anxiety. I remember a family that went to a cabin over the winter and fell asleep and never woke up again due to carbon monoxide poisoning. So we reloaded the car and the kids. As Max was carrying the bags out in the dark, he stepped in a hole and twisted his ankle. He can hardly walk and with his history of breaking both ankles several times, I am wondering if he broke it. He refuses to get an X-ray. Hopefully I can convince him before we depart for Wyoming.

Once we got to the hotel I sat for half an hour at midnight while the desk attendant tried to get us a room. Apparently they got a new computer system that morning and it was not functioning. We get to our room and it didn't have enough beds. Argh!! We put kids on the couch and just dealt with it since they were all half asleep. We promised the kids a gondola ride this morning. We learned the Gondola doesn't open for another week. Awesome. So things have definitely gotten off to a rough start. We hope for a fresh start in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Missing you all already. So wonderful to have the kids for two last days. Thank you. I hope the rest of your trip goes better and Max gets that ankle xray!
Love, Mom

Lacey said...

OH NO!!! What a bad way to start. And I am sure you are emotional enough already. Just reading what your mom posted made me tear up. I know it is hard for all of you. I hope the chaos keeps your mind off things and tears. Hope the rest of the road trip goes smoothly.

Love you!

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