Hit the road Jack!
Steamboat to Jackson Hole, WY was going to be one of our longest days in the car. We made sure to stop often and wear the kids out. At McDonald's we had them scooter and bike before grabbing an ice cream.

Everybody likes ice cream!
Happy travelers.
After we arrived in Jackson, we went for a long walk by the river and threw rocks.
For dinner we went to Snake River Brewery. With Star Wars being a major part of our life right now, we got a kick out of the OB-1 beer they brew. That is Organic Beer in 2001 not obi wan kenobi. :)
It dawned on Max and I that this was the first time we could remember every going out to dinner with just the 6 of us. We rarely go out to eat and when we do, it's usually to celebrate so my family or our friends are with us. The kids surprised us with their good behavior. We may attempt it more often now that they have shown us it's not a total nightmare anymore.
The next morning we got to fulfill our promise for a Gondola ride. While the weather did not cooperate, the kids still had a blast and Hank talked about it for the next two days. He called it the Darth Vader Gondola because it is all red and Darth uses a red lightsaber.
It was raining at the bottom and snowing at the top of Rendezvous Mountain . At the 10,000 ft elevation we should have been able to see an incredible view of the Tetons but the cloud cover was too heavy. So, we used ski poles to hike through the snow to the lodge for some hot coco.
Normally the tram is packed with up to 100 people. The upside to taking it even thought the weather was terrible was that we had an almost completely private ride both ways and the undivided attention of the driver. He pointed out deer and told us many interesting facts about the Gondola. The kids really had a blast despite shivering.

Yellowstone here we come!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading all about the rest of your adventures! Miss you all so much! See you on the 27th!
Love, Grammy

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