How Hailey Spent Her Birthday

Hailey had a fun birthday at the Villa this year. She had the quite the adult breakfast. Since it happen to be Father's Day, Anna had planned salmon and bagels and for a special treat she got Pops caviar.
The kids all enjoyed the salmon and bagels, however, Hailey was the only caviar fan.
We always try to let the kids dictate the menu for their day and Hailey's favorite breakfast of all time is creamed eggs. So we had another round of breakfast for brunch.
We went for a water expedition. Hank loved riding in the kayak with Max.
My big girl paddled herself all around the estuary.
Anna booked it!
Pops and I ferried the little ladies around. It was a fabulous rendezvous!
During nap time Anna gave Hailey a manicure.
In the afternoon the boys played bocce ball. Hank did throw a ball and break one of Nana's big pots. Sorry!
Paella for dinner!
Anna gave Hailey one of her horses from her childhood collection. "Phoenix" has become the leader of Hailey's herd of Breyer horses. :)
It was a busy and long day. In typical Villa fashion, dinner wasn't until 9 pm and we didn't the kids to bed until 10:30. Karlie was trying her best to hang in there.
It was a grand day for a grand girl!


Courtney said...

What a fun day! How special to spend the day with extended family. I love the last pic with Karlie yawning in the background. Barely hanging in there!

Heather said...

Looks like she had a great day!

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